Bloody Hammers - Bloody Hammers

Bloody Hammers - Bloody Hammers

(CD/LP, Soulseller Records, 2012)

I manage to listen to almost every occult Doom/retro Rock album that falls in my hands, being in a constant search for the next big thing and so far I have no complains: BLOOD CEREMONY, GRAVEYARD, UNCLE ACID AND THE DEADBEATS, ANCIENT VVISDOM... Well, the release of Charlotte, North Carolina occult rockers BLOODY HAMMERS didn’t take long to hit METAL KAOZ HQ, and I ordered the vinyl edition few days before I had listened to the entire album, after getting a small but enough taste from the streaming in the internet songs (truly love the “Black Magic” track). I like the way these guys approach the elements of the nowadays’ occult Rock scene with Goth aesthetics, bringing to light some obscure TYPE O NEGATIVE/Nick Cave/DOMMIN moments.

BLOODY HAMMERS play dark, hallucinatory heavy music driven by the mastermind of Anders Manga who is responsible for all the compositions. Even though I love the bass lines and the album’s eerie atmosphere, I got the feeling that this ‘occult’ thing is just pretentious, aiming to enlist fans whom their music dish is already full with this kind of stuff. On one hand, this is not a bad thing as long as the artist truly means this, being loyal in creating original music, driven by heart and soul, without copying/pasting others. Unfortunately, I got the feeling more than once that BLOODY HAMMERS kind of reproduce catchy riffs or even themes (for example in “Say Goodbye To The Sun” that reminds me Marilyn Manson’s cover in EURYTHMICS“Sweet Dreams”). Of course there is no question about Anders Manga’s vocal abilities or Zoltan’s guitar skills, but I would prefer samples of real riff-creativity just to be convinced that BLOODY HAMMERS is not another trend firework that will vanish after all this dust has settled down. It’s difficult for an experienced listener to buy the whole ‘naked chicks/candles/goat-skulls’ thing, without giving attention to the music, which should be the leading and driving force after all.

I totally respect BLOODY HAMMERS’ vision about how occult Rock should be played, but truly there is nothing different here to stand out from this already saturated scene. Plus, the stakes are really high so the sound of organ and a naked chick on the cover cannot do the trick.





01. Witch Of Endor
02. Fear No Evil
03. The Last Legion Of Sorrow
04. Say Goodbye To The Sun
05. The Witching Hour
06. Black Magic
07. Trisect
08. Beyond The Door
09. Souls On Fire
10. Don’t Breathe A Word


Anders Manga - Vocals, Bass
Devallia - Organ
Zoltan - Guitar
Curse - Drums