The 69 Eyes - X

The 69 Eyes - X

(CD/LP [EU], Nuclear Blast Us, 2012)

It feels like 2002 again, when Helsinki vampire rockers THE 69 EYES released the “Paris Kills” masterpiece and all the Gothic Metal / Rock community embraced the 00s gloomy darkwavers. Tracks like “Dance d’Amour” and “Stigmata” were on the playlist of the majority of the European Gothic clubs / radio stations, even calling Jyrki 69 as the brand new Finnish version of Ian Astbury (while his fans insist to the ‘new Elvis’ moniker), spreading waves of delirium to the Gothic-dressed chicks around the globe. “X”, Finns’ 10th studio album seems to start over where “Paris Kills” had stopped, making the band’s next works (“Devils”, “Angels”, “Back In Blood”) look like a joke, and not a good one. The more Hard Rock / Glam / American music style they had adopted for the last 7 years didn’t seem to work good for them, so they decided to get back to basics where the Scandinavian Gothic aesthetics and the catchy, easy-to-digest melodies have the lead. And I’m not gonna lie here: this is what fits like a black velvet glove to them.

So, what makes this one a damn fine album? Of course, it’s not only the band’s return to the sound with the movie-themed songs or the Dark aesthetics we learned to love so much; “X” serves solid Goth modern Rock till the last drop (of blood) THE 69 EYES way, giving more attention to the details than before (listen carefully to all the background sounds that create a spooky / suicidal / even funny atmosphere), while the crystal clear production brings out that fresh THE 69 EYES breeze you’re surely gonna love. Jyrki 69’s vocals sound more human-like than before, especially in tracks like the opening “Love Runs Away” that smells like a left-over from the band’s early days and THE SISTERS OF MERCY-esque “Black”, while some HIM-esque romantic references are still there in “If You Love Me The Morning After” and “Red”. After many listening sessions the Johnny Cash / HIM-influenced “Borderline” will catch the listener’s attention, but still my personal favorite tracks remain the TYPE O NEGATIVE-driven, dance-agitating “I Love The Darkness In You” with the catchy guitar riffage and the 60s-influenced keyboard-esque melodies (being the perfect response to “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend”), and the movie-themed cliché-titled “I Know What You Did Last Summer” where Jyrki seems to remember some of his past, most vampiric-horror vocals. You see, it’s more than a pleasure for me to see one of my favorite bands to continue to be that enjoyably dark, avoiding the ‘too cheesy’ part.

The Helsinki vampires are back in discography with an album that definitely deserves your attention, especially if you belong to the band’s early-days fan club. “X” sounds fresh, sexy, a bit ‘old-fashioned’, totally Goth ‘n’ Roll, but on top of that, it rocks! I only wish to have the chance watching THE 69 EYES live here in the States, in a club Tavastia-styled, like the one they played in Finland in November 2002. Put your Ray-Bans on after midnight and grab this one!





01. Love Runs Away
02. Tonight
03. Black
04. If You Love Me The Morning After
05. Red
06. I Love The Darkness In You
07. Borderline
08. I’m Ready
09. I Know What You Did Last Summer
10. When A Love Comes To An End


Jyrki 69 - Vocals
Bazie - Guitar
Timo-Timo - Guitar
Archzie - Bass
Jussi 69 - Drums