Reverence - When Darkness Calls

Reverence - When Darkness Calls

(CD, Razar Ice Records, 2012)

I had this promo for a quite long time before I decided to sit on my ass and start writing my thoughts about it, but better late than never, right? Well, the name REVERENCE was totally unknown to me and due to lack of some info sheet (or shit); I had to investigate about this band. Thanks to technology, seconds later I found out who is behind this authoritative name and where they came from.

The band is young but the members have many years of active Heavy Metal service in bands like SAVATAGE, TOKYO BLADE, CRIMSON GLORY and JACK STARR’S BURNING STAR. So we can take as graded the high musicianship of the band members, so let’s see what grade they took in music composition. Having in mind their music background, you can imagine that they move at the fields of classic heavy formulas with maybe some Power Metal approach and you’re – god damned – right.

The outcome sounds perfect to my old fashioned ears as it reminds me the classic Heavy Metal values. The band is tight as hell and seemed like being together for long time even it was formed one year ago. REVERENCE have done an extraordinary guitar work by putting the riffs and the solos in perfect symmetry throughout the eleven tracks of the album. The bass lines are very strong and at the same time very smooth in perfect harmony with the powerful drumming by Steve Wacholz.

Todd Michael Hall has done a faultless performance and has led the very good work, by his partners in crime, to perfection. He has an excellent voice and has colored the songs in a very beautiful way. Also lots of backing vocals help the heroic feeling in many songs.

I can’t pick a track because I like them all. The album is absolutely a nominee for album of the year. Buy it or steal it. In any case, it’s a value for money.





01. When Darkness Calls
02. Bleed For Me
03. Phantom Road
04. Devil In Disguise
05. Too Late
06. Gatekeeper
07. The Price You Pay
08. Monster
09. Revolution Rising
10. After The Leaves Have Fallen
11. Vengeance Is Mine


Todd Michael Hall - Vocals
Bryan Holland - Guitar
Pete Rossi - Guitar
Frank Kruckel - Bass
Steve Wacholz - Drums