Entropy - E3

Entropy - E3

(CD, Private, 2012)

ENTROPY is a band from Canada that was formed in the beginning of 1990 and worked in the underground scene by privately releasing two albums that soon after become collector’s gems. So, after “Transcendence” released in 1995, ENTROPY are back 17 years later with a brand new album. That’s a long period of time for a band to remain inactive and it is almost impossible to continue on the same musical path. Or is it not?

First of all I have to say how much I respect self-released albums no matter if I like what I hear or not. It takes a great deal of time and effort to put together an album and let it out to be subject of the not always fair criticism of the fans or all those music critics who think they know everything. So, yes, ENTROPY get a head start to my understanding for working independently having their interest focused only on music. “Means To An End” puts everything in a Thrash order with a headbanging rhythm and vocals that reminded me of the early SACRED REICH. Everything you know or have experienced in the early US based Thrash is here, served with a vintage sound production that has absolutely nothing to do with triggered drums or over-compressed vocals and plastic guitar distortion. No, ENTROPY sound like they play live in your garage as loud as possible, not paying attention to the neighbors’ complaints.

Old school Thrash means awesome bass sound that does not stay buried or worse hidden in the background. “Succubus” comes to justify my saying kicking in with a nice guitar groove and then builds a killer rhythm section guided by the dominating bass work. Don’t underestimate ENTROPY since this band is not all about power but there is also melody as “Nightmare Extraordinaire” showcases with the almost catchy guitar leads and the Eastern-inspired riffs. The icing on the cake comes during the solo where there is no rhythm guitar recorded (there is only one guitarist in the band) but just the bass following the formula of the German Thrash bands.

To tell you the truth I double-checked the tracklist and ENTROPY’s bio in case there was a mistake and I got one of the previous albums since this does not sound like old school but it is old school and that’s a huge difference if you think about it. Judging by the current situation in the Metal market, my guess is that the Canadians will remain in the underground, releasing awesome music. So, it’s up to us, the Metal fans, to support them and keep them going!





01. Means To An End
02. Premonition
03. Bloodrites
04. Succubus
05. Nightmare Extraordinaire
06. Encryption
07. Darkness Eclipsed


Ger Schreinert - Vocals
Dan Lauzon - Guitar
George Giourgis - Bass
Louis Levesque - Drums