Riff Raff - Leaving D.C.

Riff Raff - Leaving D.C.

(CD, SAOL / H´Art / Zebralution, 2012)

I knew two bands with the same name from the 80s but this one appears to be a third one with the same moniker, which – yes – comes from the AC/DC anthemic song. RIFF RAFF exist for some 15 years now when it started as a cover band of the Aussie legends but it wasn’t until somewhere in the mid-00s that they started considering the option of writing some original (?) material of their own. Hence, their “Eat The Beat” CD debut plus this one disc here presented act as the rebirth-ed RIFF RAFF as we speak.

Of course, little is different in this new updated version of the Berlin-based outfit. The style is straightforward rocknrollin’ Hard Rock with every cliché AC/DC have been offering the globe all these years. The vocals are somehow weird at times, being self-sarcastic or pseudo-operatic, but the general guidelines followed are branded with the 4/4 riff-along grooves with shouting choruses and an on-the-road production and mix.

You’ll have a good time with RIFF RAFF and “Leaving D.C.” if you have some extra $$$ to spend after your first priorities. Think about it.





01. Set Me Off
02. Hail The Rockin’ Man
03. Give’m Rhythm
04. Liar
05. I’m Not The One
06. Good Times - Bad Times
07. Rev’ Up - Ride On
08. One For The Road
09. Miracle Man
10. We’re Only Here For The Beer
11. Long Live The Night
12. Leaving D.C.
13. Dance Or Die
14. We Came, We Saw, We Had A Ball


Steve Betteridge - Vocals
Ricky Grasser - Guitars
Zoltan Berta - Guitars
Andreas Schwacke - Bass
Andreas Schulz - Drums