Sinister - Legacy Of Ashes

Sinister - Legacy Of Ashes

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(CD, Massacre Records, 2010)

It was in 2008 when the Dutch death squad SINISTER released the “Silent Howling” album, which was not a huge impact on me to be honest. After 2009, a year that was filled with live and best of releases for the band (no comments here), the trio (during the album’s recordings) returns with a brand new offering entitled “Legacy Of Ashes”, which is released once again through the German Massacre Records. Let’s see…

Dutch Death Metal has always been a scene full of treasures and SINISTER have definitely contributed a lot to that. First of all, you can’t help but to observe the cover artwork, which is totally classic for the band and kicks major ass! Let’s exclude the lame fonts they’ve used for the album’s title. Enough with the art, let’s get straight to the butchery. After an epic intro that sounds more like a call to arms, you are prepared and ready to face the real war. The fact is this war is not as violent and cruel as you expect it to be. “Into The Blind World” and the rest of the album, except a few standout moments/riffs, is just good. Yeah, of course “Legacy Of Ashes” is a really good album if you put the X band name on its cover, but it is just that SINISTER have lost the dynamic their earlier works used to have. Their new effort features some killer riffing from time to time, but the album still hasn’t managed to impress me after several spins.

The sound is heavy and kickass, the songs are pretty good with a really solid structure and more than decent riffing (well, I know I’ve already said that), but there’s something missing. Is this because of the numerous line up changes? Who knows? Anyway, still a really good addition to every deathster’s collection, especially if you are into the band’s last decade of material.





01. Herd Of Damnation
02. Into The Blind World
03. The Enemy Of My Enemy
04. Anatomie Of A Catastrophe
05. The Sin Of Sodomy
06. Legacy Of Ashes
07. The Hornet’s Nest
08. Righteous Indignations
09. The Living Sacrifice



Aad Kloosterwaard - Vocals
Alex Paul - Guitar, Bass
Edwin Van Den Eeden - Drums