Shellfin - Secondhand Family

Shellfin - Secondhand Family

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(CD, Private Release, 2010)

That’s exactly the way I would like to be while reviewing this album, dead drunk and stoned as fuck. Yeah, that’s how I am this very moment. I apologize to SHELLFIN who say that Stoner is not about smoking weed, but right now I guess that I am the number one Greenpeace enemy due to the desecration of so many “trees”, hahahaha!

Anyway, let’s get serious. This quartet debuted in 2009 with its self released EP “Stay For Tea” and continues its DIY tradition with this also self released full-length album, its debut one, entitled “Secondhand Family”.

The Australian act SHELLFIN is – as mentioned above – a Stoner Rock (Rock, not Metal) outfit. To cut a long story short, the band’s main influence is KYUSS. These guys (and a girl) probably bow before the legendary Stoner “idols”, something that is more than obvious in their music. Their dirty, down tuned instruments, and Dyob’s vocals immediately remind you of KYUSS… and a little bit of DOZER. The fact is that the band also carries a SABBATH-ic vibe, despite all this desert attitude its music has. The band doesn’t like exceeding the speed limit, with most of the songs being down/mid tempo, although these Aussie wackos are not afraid of having some faster, more Rock & Roll moments.

The production is also pretty raw, something that makes the band being even more reminiscent of the acts mentioned above. This band is far from being characterized as unique or extremely interesting, but it’s definitely a riff driven Rock machine that has something to say to all you potheads. Heavy and catchy riffs, harmonic vocals and “doomy” atmosphere is all you need to have a good time.




01. The Extent Of It
02. Cruzzin
03. In The Head
04. Short Spew
05. Hedgehog
06. Fleischgeist
07. What’s That Smell?
08. The Intervening Time



Dyob - Vocals
Josh - Guitar
Mary Jane - Bass
Geeks - Drums