Alunah - Call Of Avernus

Alunah - Call Of Avernus

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(CD, Catacomb Records, 2010)

If you think of yourself as psychedelic doom paganist and that ACID WITCH’s “Stoned” holds the sceptre for 2010 so far, you need to listen to the UK courtly answer of ALUNAH with the debut album “Call Of Avernus” and realize that the gates of occultism have just opened, leading us with that CATHEDRAL-esque evil groovy back to the ACRIMONY’s footprints. ALUNAH came to the psych doom scene 4 years ago and their ‘earthly-mother nature’ lyrics mixing with the pretty vintage production and the female presence of Sophie on vox and guitars seems to be quite promising, pointing secretly the Californian act ACID KING. If you had the opportunity to enjoy them in the vinyl split EP release with Hong Kong’s QUEEN ELEPHANTINE, all this introduction is so unnecessarily and you know already for what I’m talking about.

“Call Of Avernus” has all those ingredients an occult album should must have and all in high standards. Observing closely the cover’s artwork, you are gonna find all that dark symbolisms and signs, enhaning every listener’s agony for the music content. “Living Fast In An Ancient Land” kicks off with that fuzzy, 70s main riff that conquers all over, circumfusing us with that dreamy atmosphere, taken from some psych and trippy era. Sophie’s vocals are fitting like glove in ALUNAH’s music direction with that cerise, siren reading (that hides so well its fury from time to time), making the self-titled track a real occult revelation, with the guitars in the doomy, thick background. Then, “Song Of The Sun” follows with the awesome riff-lines that give and go, while “Magick Lantyrn” lows the lights, giving us a generous dose of psych, ethereal tunes, thanks again to the astonishing vocals.

“Eternal Sea” comes to turn the page and groove our ears for good, while Bacchus seems to be ready to dance with “Dance Of Dionysus” that, in my opinion, is the modern version of CATHEDRAL’s “Hopkins (The Witchcraft General)”, sung by a maenad. “Circle Of Stone” drops the tunes with the dominating wah pedal and the sludgy character of “Higher” waits for you in the corner to hit you with a nasty, unpredictable and muddy, doomy riff ala REVEREND BIZARRE. The final word belongs to “Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn” that exhales some pure stoned and dry riffs, leaving the ‘crime’ scene between clouds of smoke and thick, English fog, taken from the deserts of California (!).

To make myself clear, you are not going to re-invent psych doom rock in the nine tracks of “Call Of Avernus”, neither listen to something brand new that will make you reject your Metal past. Eventually, ALUNAH seems to have the requisite inspiration that an album needs so desperately to be characterized as ‘the best ascending debut release of 2010’. Yeap, they did it!




01. Living Fast In An Ancient Land
02. Call Of Avernus
03. Song Of The Sun
04. Magick Lantyrn
05. Eternal Sea
06. Dance Of Dionysus
07. Circle Of Stone
08. Higher
09. Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn


Sophie Willett - Vocals, Guitar
David Day - Guitar
Gaz Imber - Bass
Jake Mason - Drums

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