Atoma - Skylight

Atoma - Skylight

(CD, Napalm Records, 2012)

I really like being challenged to listen and understand an album and ATOMA gave me this pleasure with their debut entitled “Skylight”. By giving a careful look on the cover artwork one can easily assume that this is a Power Metal album of European origins. And this means catchy guitars, high pitched vocals and easy to digest and remember composition. Then comes the Press sheet presenting some bio data for this band that apparently was formed by two ex-SLUMBER members; it’s worth mentioning that SLUMBER is a Doom/Death Metal band so... what the hell is ATOMA about?

The most straightforward answer to the above question is nothing that has to do with Power or with Doom/Death Metal. It seems that Ehsan and Siavosh teamed up to do something totally alien to their background and pursue another way different direction. A second look on the cover artwork will reveal the lyrical content of the album and if one thinks a little more can guess the music direction here. “Atoma” opens the album working as an intro getting the listener right in the middle of an unknown galaxy surrounded only by the loneliness and the vastness of the universe. Yeah, I even thought of Jeanne Michel Jarre as the electronic based intro and the guitar effects built up an awesome groove with a bunch of melodies taken from the future. Strange, right?

Skylight” is welcomed with eyes closed as the journey begins through black holes and far away galaxies where time has a different meaning and one needs to change his way of looking things to understand the additional dimensions. The synth melodies create that strange background as the vocals bring the human perspective in this space travel while the guitar distortion and drum work add the term Metal in the music description. There are some growling vocals out there widening the music spectrum even more but without confusing the unaware listener who is caught off guard facing this kaleidoscope of sounds. You might as well throw some industrial finishing touches in the description of this album without leaving the bearing that points outwards of this galaxy. Listening to “Hole In The Sky” the late TIAMAT album came into mind mainly due to Ehsan’s expressional vocals and to the echo guitar effect. This is a great track and represents the high composing potential of ATOMA who will definitely surprise everyone who thinks (and listens) outside the box.

Yeah, this is not an easy-to-listen album and it is not for those who believe that music must stay inside pre-defined boundaries serving with precision the every genre’s requirements. “Skylight” is here to broaden your taste range and – why not? – challenge your intellectual as you try to dress with images and feeling what this album is offering. There is no need to talk more here; walk past the event horizon and embrace the additional dimensions described by ATOMA.

P.S.: The synth melodies in Bermuda Riviera” are simply amazing.





01. Atoma
02. Skylight
03. Hole In The Sky
04. Highway
05. Bermuda Riviera
06. Resonance
07. Solaris
08. Rainmen
09. Saturn And I
10. Cloud Nine


Ehsan K - Vocals, Synth
Jari Lindholm - Guitar
Siavosh - Bass
Markus Hill - Drums