Jag Panzer - The Scourge of the Light

Jag Panzer - The Scourge of the Light

(CD, SPV/Steamhammer Records, 2011)

JAG PANZER is one of those 80s bands that although made a killer debut (see “Ample Destruction”) did not continue on the gathered momentum and took them years to surface up in the Metal scene. Actually, JAG PANZER returned with Harry Conklin in the vocals in 1997 with “The Fourth Judgement” that was also a very nice surprise. From that year, the band started delivering very good albums in a yearly basis but for reasons, I cannot understand, never managed to get the deserved publicity. So, “The Scourge Of The Light” is here to make another loud appearance to the Metal scene that I believe/hope will do the trick this time.

I consider JAG PANZER as the old wine that gets better and better as time goes by. This album is from the first minute amazing and it is not only due to the impressive voice from “The Tyrant”. The album sounds fresh and powerful with killer guitar leads and solid compositions soaked in the US Heavy/Power tradition. “Condemned To Fight” opens the album with a granite solid rhythm section and fret melting riffs that introduce the trademark vocals carrying the JAG PANZER aura. The next song, “The Setting Of The Sun”, will send shivers down your spine with the mid tempo and amazing melodic backbone relying on Conklin’s wailing vocals and the MAIDEN –esque leads. The violin enters to give another dimension to this song, enhancing the epic atmosphere that reaches a climax during the chorus lines. The straightforward songs “Cycles” or “Let It Out” (love the drum intro here) sound heavy and might hide the band’s intention to add something fresh in the music.

But, the album strength resides in the superb tracks “Burn” and “The Book Kells”. The piano based intro in the former song gives its place to some great guitar work, followed by the theatrical vocals and the hearty bass sound in the rhythm section. The guitar duo really shines during the solo in the middle of the song, while Conklin proves that he still can handle the higher pitches. “The Book Of Kells” is probably the song that delivers all the JAG PANZER virtues in every level; the story telling structure of this song relies on the slow tempo (again great drum work), the violin fills and yet again to the best vocal lines of the album. After the clean guitar break, it is time for another great solo that gives the story a powerful ending.

Although, I hate using the terms great comeback, I cannot but to state that JAG PANZER have returned in full force. I hope that the band will hit the road soon and will continue in this pace, delivering the quality of the music we have been introduced with “Ample Destruction” and later on with “Thane to The Throne” and “Casting the Stones” (the last two are personal choices).






01. Condemned To Fight
02. The Setting Of The Sun
03. Bringing On The End
04. Call To Arms
05. Cycles
06. Overlord
07. Let It Out
08. Union
09. Burn
10. The Book Of Kells



Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin - Vocals
Christian Lasegue - Guitar
Mark Briody - Guitar, Keyboards
John Tetley - Bass
Rikard Stjernquist - Drums