Outrage - Conspirator

Outrage - Conspirator

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(CD, Private Release, 2010)

OUTRAGE was formed in 1985 and after the release of four demo-tapes, called it a day. Now this is not something new for Metal scene, since almost every day a band is formed and another one splits. But, with OUTRAGE the story was developed in a different manner: after almost 2 decades, this band returned and started releasing albums keeping a steady pace of one per year. So, “Conspirator” is the Germans’ fifth full length attempt released under the ‘unsigned’ label that always draws my attention.

“Whose Favourite Fills” opens the album and leaves no space to breathe grabbing the listener by the throat with a killer riff and a fitting scream. The production is nothing fancy or shining with a raw sound that justifies the use of the term ‘old-school’. Ok, this may sound trendy or mainstream since many young bands try to make a break for it using the 80s virtues. On the other hand, OUTRAGE is not a new kid on the block, so you cannot blame them for this. Despite their German ancestry, I found myself thinking of US Thrash bands and my mind stopped on the name of HALLOWS EVE. And this was mainly due to the groovy guitar work and the simple chord structure similar to the legendary “Death And Insanity” album (if you haven’t heard of this band, do it now). The German Thrash virus is also present but not in the fast tempos of the early KREATOR or DESTRUCTION. It is closer to the SODOM era between “Agent Orange” and “Better Off Dead” and that cannot be bad.

Against the old school Thrash recipe “Conspirator” features songs that clock more than the usual 3 minutes time duration keeping the interest in high levels. Take for example the 8 minutes of “Night School that kicks in with a nice riff, builds a solid rhythm and then bursts out a the classic drum driven by Thrash attack. The lurking DEATH influences will send shivers down your spine especially in the slower tempo breaks and the distinct high hat sound. On the other hand, the vocals have their share of diversity with an almost melodic growling approach reminding me of the early days of Felix, the singer of CREMATORY. A very nice treat is The Line That I Did Not Draw” that kicks in with a catchy guitar groove leading to the faster break and the cool riffs.

Without a single doubt I state that if one ignores the rough production and the lame bass guitar sound, he will discover many aces under OUTRAGE’s sleeve, especially in the guitar work. In the end of the day and after additional CD spins, you will find yourself wondering “why the hell is this band without a record deal?”. Check them out and maybe you will find a Xmas present for your Metal buddies.






01. Whose Favourite Fills
02. The Ayn Lesson
03. Release (In Thousand Days)
04. Of Things That Never Were
05. Lo Tisa Shem
06. Another Two Hours
07. Desert City Allegory/Pain Gloves
08. The Line That I Did Not Draw
09. Cold Spots
10. Stilling
11. The Sentence Complete
12. The Color Of Fear
13. Night School


Udo F. - Lead Guitar
Stefan L. - Bass
Frank S. - Vocals
Yannik A. - Drums
Mario S. - Rhythm Guitar