My Dying Bride - The Barghest O’ Whitby

My Dying Bride - The Barghest O’ Whitby

(EP, Peaceville Records, 2011)

The kings of dark Doom Metal MY DYING BRIDE have returned to haunt our lives once more. In the review of their previous release, “Evinta”, I wrote that the band's hardcore fans would have to wait for their next release, since the tracks of that album were far from the band’s familiar sound. Well, that time has come in an EP form under the title “The Barghest O’ Whitby”, where the English sextet narrates the British myth of the black dog.

The tricky thing is that the EP features just one song, lasting 27 minutes! With a time-duration like this, two things can happen: either the listener will loose his interest pretty soon or he will remain focused and interested throughout the entire song. It is not a surprise that a band like MY DYING BRIDE could make the latter a reality. The track can be divided into two parts clocking 15 and 12 minutes. In the first one, the music is slower, depressive, and takes us back to releases like “The Angel and the Dark River”. The funeral Doom tunes, Aaron’s slow vocals and the violin/guitar beautiful and sad melodies create a tenebrous and murky atmosphere, like those we only get from MY DYING BRIDE. There are parts, where the riffs are faster, accompanied by double kicks, but that doesn’t spoil the overall dark and sad feeling. The second part begins slowly and it moves gradually towards a more aggressive atmosphere, with the instruments being more heavy and intense while the vocals sounds angrier, only to express Barghest’s anger and the sorrow as the song progresses.

After more than twenty years we all know how the music of MY DYING BRIDE sounds. Yet, the band succeeds in releasing only great albums, keeping satisfied all their fans and this is what “The Barghest O’ Whitby” does; this is a solid release reminding us of their first albums, with a strongly depressive mood and numerous amazing melodies. I’d say that this EP isn’t only for hardcore fans, but can easily serve as an example for everyone who wants to get to know this band.





01."The Barghest O’ Whitby"


Aaron - Vocals
Andrew - Guitar
Hamish - Guitar
Lena - Bass
Shaun - Keyboard