Uriah Heep - Live In Armenia

Uriah Heep - Live In Armenia

(CD, Frontiers Records, 2011)

Is there some special meaning behind this DCD+DVD release? The British legendary rockers are still active and kickin’ ass with studio releases and also hit the stage with dignity and true loyalty after all these years... but I do not understand why someone else besides their core fan base should show some special interest for “Live In Armenia”. Really...

Celebrating 40 years in Rock music, URIAH HEEP visited Armenia for the first time and the result is the nice gig in this release. The setlist features both new and old stuff and its no wonder many classic are off, because how the hell can you fit four decades of music in one single set? The sound is fitting and the band’s performance is professional yet quite honest too. Not having any idea how the video DVD will look like, truth is the audio discs capture the moments that took place in Armenia.

You can live without this URIAH HEEP live release but you will also have a good time by possessing this combo. “Live In Armenia”’s main subject for discussion – in my mind – could be whether people that attended the show were all URIAH HEEP fans or they just wanted to feed their hanger for exciting liberating classic-shaped Rock music. Good thing is these Englishmen were/are capable for fulfilling both expectations.





01. Wake The Sleeper
02. Overload
03. Tears Of The World
04. Stealin’
05. Book Of Lies
06. Gypsy
07. Look At Yourself
08. What Kind Of God
09. Angels Walk With You
10. Shadow

01. July Morning
02. Easy Livin’
03. Sunrise
04. Sympathy
05. Lady In Black


Bernie Shaw - Vocals
Mick Box - Guitar
Phil Lanzon - Keyboards
Trevor Bolder - Bass
Russell Gilbrook - Drums