Transnight - The Dark Half

Transnight - The Dark Half

(CD, Pure Underground Records, 2011)

TRANSNIGHT is a German band playing a hybrid form of Heavy / Power Metal. One interesting note is that they have a female keyboard player that is not the vocalist. I don’t think I have ever seen that before. Nick Bohm is a good vocalist that clips his words off with a sharp intensity that seems to be almost primal at times. The pure conviction of his vocals allows the listener to buy what he is selling because it just seems to come from the heart. There is also a 90’s MANOWAR vibe to the guitars. Not only are the riffs made up of chords, they are also made up in a single string notes form similar to that of a solo, only in this instance they are the main backing structure of the songs. It truly is uncanny how similar Cristoph Roth’s playing is to Karl Logan. To me, that is a very good thing. These guys are as serious as a heart attack and are out to prove themselves. I like intense music that can be without a losing melody. In other words, music that isn’t extreme like in the Black Metal or Death Metal genre, but is still dominating.

I assure you that the music is serious even though they have a song called “Bite My Shiny Metal Ass”. If you listen to the song, you will hear that it is not a parody. It is most likely a response to those who do not believe in Metal, very similar to the often said sentiment “Kiss My Ass”. God knows how many people heard that coming from my mouth in my lifetime. The riffs are sensational; they are very well structured and are melodious enough to bang your head with. Decades ago, England was the Heavy Metal capitol of the world, but I believe that title now belongs to Germany. TRANSNIGHT are carrying the German tradition of true Metal proudly and with ferocity. The double bass drumming is easy to hear and is not buried in the mix. The songs vary widely in themes and topics. It is not just one kind of topic done from start to finish. The fade-in intro to “Ghost Story” is my favorite moment on the album and is a really killer song. The punch of the guitars is bound to be captivating to all fans of true Metal. By “true” I mean it doesn’t have a sub genre attached to it. There are no fancy orchestrations or hymns or choirs, just pure Metal from start to finish.

This album is great and deserves to be heard. I know they are literally and figuratively on an underground label, but don’t let that fool you. They are good enough to be signed by any major Metal label and probably will be after this release gets some international following, as I hope and think it should. “Lose Your Time” slows the tempo way down, but not to the point where it is Doom, because they speed up the tempo after the two minutes and thirty seconds mark. They show the ability to play in multiple styles and are not shoehorned into just one tempo. They can adapt when necessary. The solos are melodic and are not fast enough to be called shredding. TRANSNIGHT change the tempo often enough to keep things interesting to those who demand more than just plain out speed or plain doom. They even have one song with Death Metal vocals, “Mistakes Of Human Nature”. I would have to recommend this band to fans of old school Metal. Even though Sonja Dieckmann is credited as the band’s keyboard player, they are not used much at all on this album. I mentioned this to make sure you don’t assume you are getting a bunch of keyboards thrown at you. If you didn’t see them listed, you might not even notice them. Give this band a shot. They are more than deserving of it.





01. Devils Don't Wear Plaid
02. The Dark Half
03. You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do
04. The System
05. Bite My Shiny Metal Ass
06. False Prophets
07. Ghost Story
08. Lose Your Time
09. Suicide Box
10. M.O.H.N (Mistakes Of Human Nature)


Sonja Dieckmann- Keyboards
Nick Böhm - Vocals
Markus Roth - Bass
Daniel Roth - Drums
Christoph Roth - Guitar