Wysdom Given - Into The Night

(EP, Private, 2020)

If you can keep your cool during these bizarre days and if the only challenge you face is how to feel your additional free time, then music can be the ultimate haven. Especially, when there is a lot of music going around, making it impossible for one to stay on top of things. Even though getting your focus on well-known or well-promoted bands is easy to do (no digging into the pile to find a gem), it is not suggested. At least from those who have been spending lots of time listening to music. Getting acquainted with young bands offers the chance to experience the rawness of music driven by the hunger of the lineup to create new music and make a name out of it. WYSDOM GIVEN belong to this breed, with “Into The Night” being their first studio offering, comprised of three tracks enough to ignite your (/my) interest.

This three-track EP is basically a showcase for WYSDOM GIVEN and their love for the old-school and guitar-driven Metal that, those who have entered their fourth decade, have grown with. No, I am not implying that this is a ‘80s-wannabe or – worse – for a specific clientele that has more grey hair or may have less hair all together. I am talking about straightforward Metal with great riffs carrying melodies that get easily stuck. Yeah, EP titled track does exactly this after the nice almost Doom-y bass-based intro. Notice how the rhythm guitars accelerate the tempo into headbanging speeds, flirting with the so-called True Metal genre. After all, Daniel sounds like he has the right set of pipes to support the epic side of WYSDOM GIVEN and you are welcomed to think of ARGUS and ATLANTEAN KODEX to find your bearing. I bet that the oooh part with the double guitar action will sound supper sweet in a concert setting. And since I like using references to make my case - especially for young bands - I will throw the early MERCYFUL FATE name on the table driven by the guitars and maybe by that high-pitched scream close to the end. The NWOBHM references find their way towards SATAN during “Follow Me” that has a dramatic tone as it builds the tension with the clean guitar arpeggios and climaxes with the catchy chorus during which the vocals reminded me of a young John Bush – cool, huh? “In A Time When Victory Is Dying” puts the term ‘epic’ into the spotlight, but in a mid-tempo way, with the bass higher on the mix in a MAIDEN kind-of way. Oh yeah, the tempo picks up speed with sweet double harmonies that wear the NWOBHM badge with pride.

I know that in debut releases, bands put their best foot forward to make an impression, and what comes after that, is all that matters. This may be true, but it does not take anything away from how solid this EP sounds. I guess the band is young, but the lineup has done some tour of duty and therefore knows with confidence what the music wants and how to present it. The least you can do is check the band through the internet links, especially if you like traditional and guitar-driven Heavy Metal (aka NWOBHM) spiced with the right portion of Doom epic-ness. Interested? Yeah, you should. 





01. Into The Night
02. Follow Me
03. In A Time When Victory Is Dying


Paul Godfeldt - Bass
Kristofer von Hausswolff - Drums
Göran Blomgren - Guitars
Erika Wallberg - Guitars
Daniel Myvall Hedman - Vocals