Cardinals Folly - Defying The Righteous Way

Cardinals Folly - Defying The Righteous Way

(CD/LP, Rafchild Records, 2020)

Sometimes seeing the name of bands dear to me popping up makes me feel a bit nostalgic, as their music style and sound seems to belong in a different (yet not forgotten) era. One of such band is Finland’s notorious doomsters CARDINALS FOLLY who continue to serve their Scandinavian fuzz-toned Doom, the way it was introduced by their compatriots REVEREND BIZARRE (R.I.P.) through their short path under the sun. It feels so refreshing seeing this Doom monster waking up three years after their “Deranged Pagan Sons” offering. So, what “Defying The Righteous Way” has in store for all of us, the headbangers of the occult-friendly traditional Doom?

Before digging into this record, I have to say that from the very first listening of the fifth full length by these nice gentlemen put a huge smile on my face and the reason is simple; CARDINALS FOLLY still deliver the goods with beautifully fast-tempo tracks with buzzing guitars, occasionally growls and that Punk-ish attitude that isn’t often met in this genre. The CATHEDRAL-esque Stars Align Again lifts the curtain with Mikko’s vocals that still walk on Albert Witchfinder’s path. Yet, the insane groovy breaks make even more appealing this track that I’m sure will be featured in the band’s future setlists. In the same up-tempo vein continue the Punk-duo Deranging The Priest / Witchfinders winking whimsically at us with all those beautiful guitar licks, Heavy harshness and ‘80s rawness that could be coming straight out of the CBGB on a Friday night out. The 8-minute The Great Santur” comes on queue to restore the Doom order, dropping the tempo down to the bleak abyss (love the steady guitar and the CANDLEMASS / REVEREND BIZARRE atmosphere here), while “Ultra-Violence” shows its sharp teeth a few moments before “Last House On The Left” touches your soul with the MOTÖRHEAD-laden Rock ‘n Roll bass-driven tongue… And what can I say about “Strange Conflict” that closes the album? Well, this was the first track I had the chance to listen to from this album and instantly got stuck with me; it is properly Doom-soaked with the slow-tempo guitars and Mikko’s epic vocals, proudly holding the Scandinavian flag of Doom, no questions about that, while breathing an ‘80s Metal casualness that is more catchy than a cold in February. Ha, I love this song so much and as far as I am concerned, it has already gained a spot among the CARDINALS FOLLY originals.

Now, I know what many of you, keyboard warriors, would rush to ask; “are CARDINALS FOLLY offering something new and ground-breaking in the Doom Metal scene”? Well, yes and no. This mighty trio has the unique ability to serve their characteristic Doom tunes combining different elements of Heavy Metal, from the Punk rawness, the scattered Black Metal “ooohhs” to the nice guitar-driven moments being catchy along the way. And if it could speak, it would likely charmingly admit to its own imperfections. Being a mixture of depth and diversion, occult Art and R ‘n R Hell, “Defying The Righteous Way” makes you wish that, like every reliable band, CARDINALS FOLLY might release a similar, raw and sufficient album every year – or two. Recommended with eyes closed.





01. Stars Align Again
02. Deranging The Priest
03. Witchfinders
04. The Great Santur
05. The Living Dead
06. Ultra-Violence
07. Last House On The Left
08. Strange Conflict


Mikko Kääriäinen - Bass, Vocals
Juho Kilpelä - Guitar
Joni Takkunen - Drums