Crobot - Motherbrain

Crobot - Motherbrain

(CD, Mascot Records, 2019)

CROBOT is one of those bands that I knew by name and had never gotten the chance to check out. In hindsight and after spending some listening time with “Motherbrain”, it felt like a missed opportunity. On the other hand, late is better than never and the band’s new LP seems like the perfect opportunity to change this setup. I should also credit the “Low Life” music video with the powerful riffs, the awesome groove quality, that is perfect during summer time,  and the having tons of fun footage.

Brandon starts spitting out the hard rockin’ catchy melody of “Burn” before the music kicks and leaves no space to wonder what CROBOT is all musically about. I am talking about in-your-face riffs and impossible to resist foot-tapping grooves. The down-tuned guitar is one step forward in the mix and you will definitely catch a CLUTCH vibe while the added sound effects and Harmonica solo adding an extra flavor to this mouthful. This is an excellent album opener to get you hooked and keep listening with the volume set to the max. “Keep Me Down” walks on the same path with the bass a little bit higher on the mix adding an almost Funk layer in this multi-flavored music-plate CROBOT are serving. Again, the pedals used here add depth to the music and it is strongly recommended to have a couple of listenings with headphones to onion-peel all those fines these guys have added.

“Motherbrains” is not only about fun-having grooves with songs like “Drown” or “Stoning The Devil”, CROBOT are adding a dark twist in their song-writing. I got an almost DOWN taste with the latter, as Brandon’s vocals reminded of a younger Anselmo. Ok, I may be overreaching with this reference however, I am sure you’ll get what I am saying once you’ve listened to this.

CROBOT have made the songs a bit heavier as compared to the previous studio efforts. Take a listen on the pounding “Destroyer” and on the Stoner-riffs in “After Life” to feel the urge to headbang instead of just foot-tap. No matter, what you’ll choose to follow the rhythm, one thing is certain; “Motherbrain” flows smoothly from start to finish being the perfect balance of catchy songs, hard-hitting grooves, soaring vocals sprinkled with the right amount of Psychedelia that keeps a connection with all things 70s. Keep in mind, that this type of music gets even better in concert so you better be on the look-out as CROBOT are packing their bags to hit the road as soon as “Motherbrain” shows up in stores.





01. Burn
02. Keep Me Down
03. Drown
04. Low Life
05. Alpha Dawg
06. Stoning the Devil
07. Gasoline
08. Destroyer
09. Blackout
10. After Life
11. The Hive


Brandon Yeagley - Vocals
Chris Bishop - Guitar
Dan Ryan - Drums
James Lascu - Bass