Bloody Hammers - The Summoning

Bloody Hammers - The Summoning

(CD, Napalm Records, 2019)

It is a given; Horror movies and Metal do extremely well together but only if the former comes from the '70s - '80s era. You see, just like in music, the market’s interest has shifted from the suggestive / atmospheric type of Horror to the best effect CGI can offer and this, unfortunately, is limited to the creator’s imagination (if any). In the process, the viewer’s / listener’s imagination has almost been rendered useless and therefore, the easier the movie / album, the higher the probability to do something worthy in the current “fast-food” market. However, you don’t have to “do as others do”, especially when there are - still - romantic bands out there eager to fuel your imagination, and in the case of BLOODY HAMMERS, make you fear of the unknown… Yeah, “The Summoning” feeds from the golden era of Horror Movies, walks in dump Gothic alleys and loves everything lurking in the dark...

Ok, the up-tempo guitar groove that opens the album with “Let Sleeping Corpses Lie” does not show its fangs right from the start, but the moment the keyboards have entered along with Anders’ Gothic-trademark timber, everything becomes clear and… black and white. Yes, in the rhythm section, you can taste the Gothic elements through the straightforward guitars and the haunting keyboards. The catchy riffs and the humming-along vocals make it clear why the band chose this one to lift the album’s curtain. BLOODY HAMMERS are masters in writing catchy choruses and this is exactly how “Now The Screaming Starts” works as it leads to the amazing album title track with the strong '80s Synth-Wave keyboards. In the case that the latter term seems bizarre, you can think of how the success of the TV series “Stranger Things” rekindled the interest for this keyboard-based music and you’ll get a clear picture. I think this song is more representative to BLOODY HAMMERS’ song-writing carrying an eerie atmosphere with the perfect amount of nostalgia. In the same Horror vein is “The Beast is Coming Out” that quickly became a favorite through THE SISTERS OF MERCY-esque singing (pay close attention to the vocal layers in the chorus), the mid-tempo rhythm and the hearty Church Organ-sounding keyboards. By the way, having the bass one step forward in the mix adds another layer of evilness, don’t you agree?

Gothic Metal sounds equally well in higher bmps (or dancing speeds as I like to call them) just as it happens in the headbanger “Tales That Witness Madness” and in “From Beyond The Grave” where the guitars and deeper singing woke up the sweet memory that listens to the name SENTENCED of the Ville Laihiala era. The Bluesy “Condemned, The Prisoner” is an amazing change in the music scenery by touching upon traditional Doom Metal because, you cannot have lyrics about the gallows and not enter that genre. This is definitely the album’s surprise and the ace hidden up its sleeve.

Even though I’ve mentioned Horror movies quite a bit, BLOODY HAMMERS do no stay only on that realm and continue to bring Doom Metal in their music. But just like all the good things, one needs to invest time and take small bites to taste all the flavors and immerge himself in the album’s atmosphere. Is this album the best selection for summer? Hmm, it can definitely be, especially those days when rain or cloudy skies bring forth the blues...





01. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
02. Now The Screaming Starts
03. The Summoning
04. Fire In The Dark
05. The Beast Is Coming Out
06. Welcome To Darkness
07. Tales That Witness Madness
08. Condemned, The Prisoner
09. From Beyond The Grave
10. Unbreakable


Devallia - Organ, Piano, Keyboards
Anders Manga - Vocals, Bass, Guitars