Lizzy Borden - My Midnight Things

Lizzy Borden - My Midnight Things

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(CD, Metal Blade Records, 2018)

Music-making is a ‘tricky’ business and gets trickier once a band becomes successful. On one hand, this success means more touring opportunities, better promotion but also an ‘obligation’ to release new music in such a rate that the market will not forget you. And this is the turning point for a band to choose to either become a ‘true’ professional by entering the new-album-tour-new-album cycle or keep releasing new music whenever inspiration strikes. Leaving on the side the economic survival of a band and strictly speaking as a fan, I prefer the latter option. I want the band I am following to release an album only if it feels right and not because it’s the next step after touring. Bearing this logic in mind, I was extremely excited to read the news regarding the new LP from LIZZY BORDEN which has kept a studio-silence for almost a decade. I guess, touring was eating up all of Lizzy’s time but at the same time was increasing his hunger to return to the studio, with “My Midnight Things” being the end result of this.

Before digging deeper into the ten songs the regular version of the “My Midnight Things” holds, it is worth to say that making comparisons with albums which were released decades ago does not make sense as it would be like comparing your adult self with your school-days one... Anyways, the intro became longer than it should, so it’s (about) time to get into the meat of this. The title track opens the album with a fantastic riff that will make you hum-along and then sing-along with Lizzy’s still-going strong voice. The keyboards add the dramatic atmosphere one should expect from this band and this artist who knows really well how to mix music with theatrics. There is an '80s nostalgia embedded in the melodies but in all honesty I cannot pinpoint exactly the source of this. Maybe I can blame the keyboards for having an almost Synthwave flavor that is highlighted after the bass-driven break; if you are familiar with that genre' you will definitely understand this. No matter what, this is a killer show starter and I can already imagine Lizzy in one of his characters entering the stage with probably some fake blood involved (ok, the axe is for later). “Obsessed With You” is heavier than the album opener and I think it's closer to the older LIZZY BORDEN albums, although the keyboards are higher on the mix and this can be a hard pill to swallow for those who have their list of demands already set up. I wonder if making chorus sounds like Lizzy singing six, six, six was done on purpose...

“Long May They Haunt Us” feels like a strange mix of emotions; I mean, the melodies and the tempo are on the happy side, but still, there is some darkness hiding in the background and you can hear in the lyrics the words midnight things which seem to be the thread running throughout the album. Again, I will mention the sweet taste of nostalgia crawling under your skin staying hidden behind the catchy riffs and chorus. Yeah, this is LIZZY BORDEN alright and it really does not need a PhD on his discography to see this. Speaking of being catchy, then “A Stranger To Love” will definitely get stuck from the first spin the keyboard melodies, the riffs and on top of everything Lizzy’s multi-layered vocals are the definition of how awesome Metal sounds when the focus is on making good songs and not a platform to showcase the musician’s skills. I am talking about killer hooks, foot-tapping rhythms and lyrics you can sing-along before the end of the song. Yeah, songs like this one, like “Run Away With Me” and the hard-hitting “Our Love Is God”, will make it feel like it’s Friday night but only if you turn the volume all the way to ten. By the way, the latter one has a modern finishing touch which will remind you that Lizzy is not the type of artist who likes to stand still and copy / pasting himself.

I really enjoy spinning this album for more than I needed to write these words and, in fact, I have already secured a vinyl copy of “My Midnight Things” to get the proper listening taste. Will this album reintroduce LIZZY BORDEN to the scene? I am not sure, as the market has shifted from buying albums to buying single songs just to listen for a couple of days before moving on. However, for those who like getting the physical product, then “My Midnight Things” will be a worth addition to the LIZZY BORDEN discography and hopefully will get the band on touring mode soon.





01. My Midnight Things
02. Obsessed With You
03. Long May They Haunt Us
04. The Scar Across My Heart
05. A Stranger To Love
06. The Perfect Poison
07. Run Away With Me
08. Our Love Is God
09. My Midnight Things (reprise)
10. We Belong To The Shadows


Lizzy Borden - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Joey Scott Harges - Drums