Pounder - Faster Than Fire

Pounder - Faster Than Fire

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(EP, Shadow Kingdom Records, 2018)

Here are some facts that enticed my appetite before even hitting the ‘play’ button; this will be released as a 7” (aside from the digital format), POUNDER list NWOBHM as one of their influences, the cover artwork has an old-school feel to it and last (but definitely not least) this little thing comes from Shadow Kingdom whose taste is so compatible with mine, so I have learned to trust them. So, checking them out was the next and only thing left to do.

The EP title track leans towards Speed Metal with the furious guitar action, the fast drumming and the vein-popping singing and it is a great way to start headbanging right off the bat. An easy way to describe this is to think of how METALLICA used to sound during the “Kill ‘em All” days when everything was passion driven with the influences at plain sight. However, this point of reference does not mean that POUNDER are borderline Thrash; the US band relies on the guitars and this is where the NWOBHM influences shine and feel free to roam in the streets of the UK at a time when bands like DIAMOND HEAD, RAVEN and JAGUAR were paving new pathways in Metal. Speaking of guitars, feast your ears on the double riff attack in the more melodic “The Last Land” and get ready to sing-along the chorus with your fist pumping in the air. The main riff of this one will stick to mind from the very first spin and, trust me, it will be hard to move to the next track before listening to this adrenaline-rush just one more time. The EP drops the curtain on a different note; the tempo is slowed down with some clean guitar arpeggios accompanying the nice leads and then, the tempo goes AOR on you... Fear not, I am saying that “Come Alive” goes soft on but the tempo (note the sweet bass sound) tastes like RATT (no pun intended) and has the groovy quality of that scene which, back in the day, we were kind of afraid to admit that we liked. However, this song is heavier than AOR and still draws influences from the NWOBHM with the main riff stealing the spotlight each time it shows up.

Even though this EP comes with three songs, there are lots of flavors in, and I can definitely flip the 7” many times on the turntable to discover all the details herein hidden. I wonder: is a POUNDER full length album on the making?

PS: the band’s logo same reminds me of Germany’s PORTRAIT.





01. Faster Than Fire
02. The Last Stand
03. Come Alive


Alejandro Corredor - Bass
Tom Draper - Lead Guitar
Matt Harvey - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals