Professor Black - You Bastard!

Professor Black - You Bastard!

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(LP, Private, 2018)

Professor Black seems to be in possession of a boatload of unreleased material and I am sure he keeps adding stuff. “You Bastard!” is him revisiting some SUPERCHRIST planned to be songs that, for reasons I am not aware of, never made it to the recording studio. So, instead of letting them fade away inside a dusty drawer (ok, nowadays it is just a folder on a desktop), our favorite Professor decided to cut vinyl and make them available to the public, and oh yeah, I am glad he did.

“When The Devil Walks Again” kicks the door down with the type of energy and tempo that could easily be mistaken for a HIGH SPIRITS song. I mean, Professor uses his cleaner voice, as opposed to his Lemmy-inspired SUPERCHRIST style, and delivers the high-energy guitar driven straightforward Heavy Metal in the way we have learned to love from releases with his name on the credits. The thing that makes this song (as with others) addictive is its simple structure and the energy surge you get the moment the needle hits the wax. And then, comes “Act Alone” (this is the revisited “Don’t Be A Cunt”), which knocked my shocks off with the RUNNING WILD rhythm guitars (think of their pre-“Port Royal” era) and the have-to-sing-along chorus that gets stuck immediately. I love how the rhythm guitars keep their spot on the mix even during the solo making this one a groovy hard rocker. Rock ‘n’ Roll is the theme for “Stuck In The USA” with a(nother) killer guitar groove, a MOTÖRHEAD flavor and absolutely awesome bass lines that take over the reigns as the song fades away during which my mind drifted away towards DEAD KENNEDYS... And this is the useless info of the day, but this happened to me...

The more I listen to this release, the more I discover references to bands I like, being safely hidden behind Professor Black’s trademark vocals and guitar sound. I mean, how awesome  is the SAXON-esque guitar groove of “I’ve Had Enough” that otherwise stays on the mid-tempo side (the bass sound is so sweet) and carries some nostalgia that shows its face through the lyrics... And then, there is the THIN LIZZY “Boys Are Back Down” rhythm of “Last Call” which quickly enters the HIGH SPIRITS realm with another damn-catchy bridge / chorus that - I think - makes this a strong candidate for future PROFESSOR BLACK live ventures.

I am fully aware that using so many references may seem like being lazy or even incapable of finding my own words to describe “You Bastard!”, but to me, this is one of the main reasons why I like this one. There are many things hitting the music-I-like nerve here, and have made this LP a full-time resident on my turntable. Absolutely recommended!





01. When The Devil Walks Again
02. Act Alone
03. Stuck In The USA
04. I've Had Enough
05. Closer To The Blade
06. Last Call


Professor Black - All Instruments, Vocals
Scott Hoffman - Rhythm Guitar (tracks 2 and 4)