Tomorrow’s Outlook - A Voice Unheard

Tomorrow’s Outlook - A Voice Unheard

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(CD, Battlegod Productions, 2018)

It was clearly announced that TOMORROW'S OUTLOOK's second album “A Voice Unheard” would be a concept one. With that, I thought I'd start with listening without digging into the story and see where it lands. And by all means, the songs work really well as stand-alone too. There is some outstanding songwriting on this album as it includes a lot of fines and details which makes it more and more interesting after each spin.

Ralph Scheepers does extremely well in the opening up-tempo “Within The World Of Dreams”. He really sounds fantastic in these moodier songs which suit his voice perfectly. Then comes “Descent”; a song with an IRON MAIDEN-styled gnawing groove. The structure of this one and how the phrasing feeds through the song has resemblances with Bruce Dickinson but for that sake it doesn't really sound like IRON MAIDEN. But yes, Tony “Thunder” Johannessen vocal tone has similarities with the British giant which makes it impossible to not draw the parallel. The combination is very cool though since the chorus-line differs from the else classic sound both in style and harmonies. I love the sense of melody when combined with technique. The same goes for “Through Shuttered Eyes” as well as with the title track, “A Voice Unheard”.

Then, the slight change in style and feel in “Outlaw” and the song comes as a nice break. Scott Oliva's voice is rougher in comparison which makes the song heavier than the rest. Still, the melodies are there in the music. But, as the production is very smooth and “A Voice Unheard” is a very harmonic album, this break is very welcome as it creates another structure and breaks things off a bit. One absolute favorite song of mine is the mid-tempo “The Enemy”; another perfect delivery from Ralph. The emotion and force in his voice are phenomenal and it doesn't get much better than this. Also, the finale “Nothing Shall Remain” lands high on that rank. This is more Prog Metal-influenced and brings FATES WARNING to mind.

But, when leaving “A Voice Unheard” spinning (which happens every time since it's a damn good Heavy Metal album), I don't think of it as a concept. For good and bad, depending on what you like. But for sure, the album feels like a unity and it has a very good flow to it. And there's drama, desperation and passion in both the musical and vocal performances. I wonder if I'd reacted differently not knowing about the concept upfront. But musically, it suits the theme, and if this is the soundtrack to the upcoming apocalypse, I'm good to go with it.





01. Within The World Of Dreams
02. Descent
03. Through Shuttered Eyes
04. A Voice Unheard
05. Outlaw
06. Times Of War
07. The Enemy
08. One Final Prayer
09. Fly Away
10. Nothing Shall Remain
11. Darkside Of Aquarius (Bruce Dickinson cover)
12. Slave To The Evil Force (ARIA cover)


Øystein K. Hanssen - Lead Guitar
Andreas Stenseth - Bass, Songwriting
Trond Nicolaisen - Manager, Co-songwriter

Guests / Session:

Ralf Scheepers - Vocals
Tony "Thunder" Johannessen - Vocals
Scott Oliva - Vocals
Andreas Angell - Additional Vocals
Jamieson Price - Voice-over
Terry Gorle - Guitars
Vitaly Dubinin - Bass
Maxim Udalov - Drums
Andreas Nergård - Drums, Keyboards