Thanallian - Between Worlds

Thanallian - Between Worlds

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(EP, Private, 2018)

I was quite surprised when Anna Pavlů started to sing in EP opener “We Know”. It wasn't what I was expecting. On the other hand, I don't know what I was expecting either. Her voice leans more towards Goth, female fronted modern style than what I’d expect from the melodic Heavy Metal Czech THANALLIAN as they describe themselves. A matter of interpretation and perception, of course.

But I like what I hear on THANALLIAN’s “Between Two Worlds”, the band's first release. How the vocal lines just keep feeding words on and on in that first one is really cool. Even if the tempo is quite laid back it generates a drive which is very appealing. Style-wise this song has resemblances with Swedish up-comers ELEINE, it's riff-based with a delicate melody.

The title track is a little more Folk-music influenced even. There are some very cool arrangements in this instrumental piece. And the Folk-y influences continue in “Hear Me Out”, or it's perhaps better to say Renaissance-music, since this song brings BLACKMORE'S NIGHT to mind. This continues in the final “A Night With The Forgotten” too. This doesn't sound as smooth and polished though. It all is a little rough around the edges but that keeps the music vibrant.

I prefer the style in opening “We Know” if I had to choose, but THANALLIAN is definitely on a good path with this piece of music. The rather unpolished sound is beneficial for my taste. I really like the raw guitar sound, it makes it heavy and makes it stand out. Moving forward, I hope THANALLIAN manages to keep the nerve they have here. They're on to something real good and it would be a shame if they got stuck in the mainstream, super-compressed and polished type of sound. It's definitely better and more interesting this way.





01. We Know
02. Path
03. Between Worlds
04. Hear Me Out
05. A Night With The Forgotten


Anna Pavlů - Vocals, Violin
Lukáš Horčic - Lead Guitar
Tomáš Urna Kududurna - Rhythm Guitar
Ondřej Hecík Žádný - Bass
Martin Bauík Bauer - Drums