Meridian - The Fate Of Atlantis

Meridian - The Fate Of Atlantis

(EP, Mighty Music, 2018)

It's not very often to be floored by a band you've hardly heard before. Seeing Danish MERIDIAN performing at the ‘Nordic Noise Festival’ last year was such a moment. Amazingly creative Prog influenced Heavy Metal with lots of fine details. Also, Lars Märker’s vocal effort stood out; he's got range, tone and a great feel for this type of music which also build on to the whole experience.

“The Fate Of Atlantis” is a step towards more straightforward Heavy Metal as it's not as technical as the earlier releases. At least “Off To War” which is the first one out is up-tempo and snappy with some really good riffs. I am a sucker for parts and passages being taken down to half-tempo something that happens in the bridge and sets off the chorus in a very good way. Or can it be so that there is in general a little softer touch to today's MERIDIAN that makes it feel less complex? I don't know... No matter what, the creativity and fines are there. I love the smooth but heavy beat as well as the guitar layers in “Fragments Of A Lif”. The variation in intensity makes the chorus line take off and again, just as before Lars sounds fantastic.

The title track continues in the same vein, another smooth-flowing tune with tons of good melodies. The title “Scream For Me” immediately made me think of IRON MAIDEN’s trademark crowd-booster which normally is followed by name of the town the Heavy Metal giants have landed in. And absolutely, the song is a tribute to that band with the witty lyrics borrowing phrases from various IRON MAIDEN songs. The fun things, apart from some harmonies and sing-a-long passages the music itself doesn't pay as much homage to the band as the lyrics do. But it still is a very cool and catchy song.

All in all, this “The Fate Of Atlantis” is a head-on collision from MERIDIAN. It holds cool songs and sounds fantastic.





01. Off To War
02. Fragments Of A Life
03. The Fate Of Atlantis
04. Scream For Me


Lars Märker - Vocals
Martin J. Andersen - Guitar
Marco Angioni - Guitar
Peter Bruun - Bass
Klaus Agerbo - Drums