Venom - 100 Miles To Hell

(EP, Spinefarm Records, 2017)

Now that Xmas is gone, it is safe to see what the almighty VENOM released a few days before 2017 said its last farewell. Yeah, VENOM put together a three-song EP that – hopefully – will be the precursor of a new full length release. So, how do Cronos and Co. sound at the dawn of 2018?

Well, I am happy to admit that VENOM sound exactly like VENOM but not in a nostalgia kind of way. No, the band does not try to recreate the past, or even copy / paste it, and the music is loud as f**k with all the knobs in the sound console pushed to the max. Yeah, the EP title track opens the VENOM festivities with the hearty and Cronos-trademark bass sound that will challenge your speakers. And that’s the way it should be; full of MOTÖRHEAD-inspired singing and a bone-crushing rhythm section topped off by Rage’s guitar work. The drums sound raw and free from all the bells and whistles many producers like to use in almost every new release, while the guitar solo carries some NWOBHM melodies (yes, I actually used VENOM and melody on the same sentence...) which can be considered as something new to VENOM. “We The Loud” is the classic steamroller thrasher full of the Punk attitude the Newcastle-born band has been using from day one. While listening to Cronos spitting the lyrics like it is the ‘80s, I could not help but to bring to mind “Too Loud (For The Crowd)” as it feels like those two songs share the same type of attitude. You may find the lyrics cheesy or cliché but if you are looking lyrics about unicorns and fairies, then you are surely checking the wrong band. However, if you are looking for crushing rhythm section with lots of double bass drumming, almost blast beat-fast snare drum action, devastating bass growls (note how the bass strings hit the magnet in the VENOM way) and Cronos’ vocalisms, then you are in the right place. “Beaten To A Pulp” is the song that closes this EP and I think is indicative of how VENOM will sound in their next album. There is some serious Thrash action here through Rage’s riffs and I am extremely excited to see how this will pan out for a full tracklist.

There you have it; the appropriate way to start the new year with three new VENOM tracks that will erase the Xmas festive taste out of your ears [sic]... Now, it is about time to get a full length album and then pray to the Old Ones for VENOM to cross the Atlantic. Hell, if they won’t, we will!!!





01. 100 Miles To Hell
02. We The Loud
03. Beaten To A Pulp


Cronos - Bass, Vocals
Rage - Guitar
Danté - Drums