Egonaut - The Omega

Egonaut - The Omega

(CD, Mighty Music, 2017)

You know the feeling when something is so damn familiar but you can't place it? Those first few notes of opening “Initium” from Swedish EGONAUT's fourth full length album “The Omega” remind me of something I used to listen to in the mid '90s but I can't for my life recall what it can be. Although this is far more heavy, it still has similarities with VENUS OUTBACK's “Sodom Is Free”. But when Emil Kyrk's fantastic vocals come in, it leans towards Heavy / Prog Metal. The combination gives something very dark and gloomy.

It might sound confusing but it's rather hard to place EGONAUT's music. There are still some of their Stoner roots left in it but the change of vocalist has definitely pushed the band over to a more refined sound, more mainstream if you will. I love what I hear though, and those massive fateful chants kicking off the song sound fantastic and work perfectly as a surprise moment. “Alienati” is softer, like the latest SPIRITUAL BEGGARS records. The groove is there and the Hammond backing it makes it very dark and heavy even if this is a very catchy track. “Offerings” goes back to the Doomy groove of the first song. The little break that comes before chorus does the trick. And that's something that goes straight through “The Omega”. There are small details in the songs which keep them interesting, gives new things to discover spin after spin. And the musical performance is smart and flawless. I've never been a huge fan of EGONAUT before this, their records have been ok, but this one really knocked me down completely.

“The Pledge” - which was released as a single - is one of the more brutal tracks of the record. The Black / Goth / Pop mix put in the spotlight by TRIBULATION comes to mind. But what EGONAUT have that their Swedish sympathizer doesn't is Emil's strong voice which makes the melodies here stand out. Again, it might seem like the record is disjoint since there's multiple references, one for each song, but that's not the case. It sticks together with all these elements in a fantastic way. And it is the variation and different feel in each song that keep it interesting. One of my absolute favorites on the record is “Totentanz”, dance of the dead... Take the theatrical feel from KING DIAMOND and mix it with the anxiety and desperation of MARY BEATS JANE and you'll be getting closer. The dynamics is there and there's a nerve in the music that makes it intense even if this is a slow and very heavy waltz.

Even if I like the song, the last one out on “The Omega”, “Revelations” is the one that turns the music the most. A mix of MTV Power Ballads and HELLOWEEN's “A Tale That Wasn't Right” with a bombastic arrangement in the back just doesn't fit the rest. It's still dark and Heavy, no doubt there. It's good but not as special as the rest.

EGONAUT sure is spot on with “The Omega”, no matter what you're into you should find something on the record appealing. And that they're impossible to label, at least with just one label is what makes the record really interesting.





01. Initium
02. Alienati
03. Offerings
04. The Abdication
05. The Pledge
06. Through The Eye
07. Awakenings
08. Totentanz
09. Death Sworn
10. Revelations


Emil Kyrk - Vocals
Fredrik Jordanius - Guitar
Mikael Bielinski - Bass
Dennis Zielinski - Keyboards
Markus Johansson - Drums