Tainted Lady - How The Mighty Have Fallen

Tainted Lady - How The Mighty Have Fallen

(CD, Mighty Music, 2017)

After the “The Witness”-intro, TAINTED LADY's debut album “How The Mighty Have Fallen” kicks off in a mighty fine DEEP PURPLE spirit with “Set Us Free”. It's a true '70s type riff with the traditional pauses and a fantastic drive. It's not far off to mention AEROSMITH either. Perhaps the choruses and Michael Catton are of more the contemporary style but it all flows in a very good way together. Fun thing with this song is the second half where the music industry has looks as the a priority over skills. It feels like something from the late '80s or early '90s when Thrash and Grunge opposed to the MTV trends and the mega bands coming with that generation. Though it might be just as valid as it always have been, the entertainment industry isn't really known to be fair.

“Ampburner” connects to the chorus line of the first song, modern Hard Rock with a good groove but definitely smoother and more plain than its predecessor on “How The Mighty Have Fallen”. For “Song Of Reckoning”, it's back to the roots again and the track holds a fantastic drive and I love the dynamics here. It's very cool of TAINTED LADY to almost drop the back-up music in the second verse and only keep the vocals with a simple harmony. The effect when the chorus enters is fantastic. The ups and downs in tempo and intensity really make it all very interesting to listen to and the album keeps growing for each spin.

The ballad “The Best Of Days” is a spine-chiller; verging on the edge between LED ZEPPELIN classics “Stairway To Heaven” and “Dazed And Confused” with a touch of '80s Arena Rock makes this a real stand-out. This track also shows that there's true musicality in TAINTED LADY the melody is simple but very efficient and how they master the changes between mellow / melancholic and heavy is phenomenal.

“Open Minded” is another fast Rock 'n' Roll smoker with a real tongue-twister verse. Again, the mix is between DEEP PURPLE and AEROSMITH and it sounds fantastic. My first encounter with TAINTED LADY was when they played at 'Metal Magic Festival', which perhaps isn't their highest moment as the PA crashed halfway into their first song and they had to wait an hour or so before it got fixed and they could start all over again. But that first song, “On The Loose” really made me open my eyes. Of course, to have this kind of classy '70s Rock too stands out but that they took a break and built the song of finger-snapping was a really cool and protruding move. It worked live and it works on record.

Album closer “Last Of Our Kind” moves more towards the '90s area bands rather than the '70s. The smooth and mellow verses are easily visualized in one of those massive videos frequently spinning on MTV. But it doesn't stop there, there's an odd little twist in the song towards the end which comes in as a surprise. But again, these small things are what make TAINTED LADY's “How The Mighty Have Fallen” interesting and stand out from the mass of albums released these days. Innovative and new when it comes to style, no it's not - but when the songs are great and music performed is flawless, it doesn't have to be.





01. The Witness
02. Set Us Free
03. Ampburner
04. Song Of Reckoning
05. Loverman
06. The Best Days
07. Open Minded
08. On The Loose
09. Sons Of Guns
10. Last Of Our Kind


Michael Catton - Vocals
Jonatan Shoshan - Guitar (R Speaker)
Anders Frank - Guitar (L Speaker)
Daniel Bach - Bass
Fred Over - Drums