Sorrows Path - Touching Infinity

(CD, Iron Shield Records, 2017)

I have to admit I was a bit confused after learning that the title track of the upcoming album from the Greek doomsters of SORROWS PATH “Touching Infinity” was actually the closing outro that clocks just one minute... Strange, huh? Not really. If you press the ‘play’ button having this restless band’s third venture in place, you’ll instantly get the theme which goes hand-in-hand with the rich music wrap that isn’t limited to this single track, and that’s one of the beautiful things happening inside. But let’s take first things first...

Three years have passed since the previous “Doom Philosophy” release pushed SORROWS PATH beyond the Greek Metal borders and made them known even to this side of Atlantic, proving that a hard-working band, no matter how many years (and difficulties) will pass, can break its country’s boundaries and create a fanbase in every corner of the world. So, the bet for the Greeks and, of course, Kostas Salomidis (since he is the only founding member in the lineup) was to surpass themselves with their next and third album. At first, the title “Touching Infinity” guided me to think that SORROWS PATH chose to continue their philosophy-driven concept lending this time to Descartes’ concept of the infinity and religion where perfection meets god, but in our recent discussion (stay tuned, since the interview with Kostas will be posted soon), I found out that the infinity concept goes beyond that, and then I was instantly intrigued. “Touching Infinity” deals with how self-awareness leads to harmony, beauty and respect, living in a world dominated by the exact opposite; destruction, ugliness and hatred. But musically, where do SORROWS PATH stand with “Touching Infinity”?

Whatever you’ve already liked in their previous works is present here, only this time the result is coming through a dynamic Power / Prog spectrum; the Doom-y atmosphere is there and the epic-ness in the guitars is evident in any given chance, Angelos’ unique, kinda theatric way of grinding the lyrics highlights the band’s trademark sound, and this time it seems that SORROWS PATH are stepping more comfortably on a pure Power / Prog ground that makes them sound original and top-notch. Take for example the ultra-powerful “Fantasies Will Never Die” as it kicks in after the Eastern-like melody of “Intro To Infinity” that serves as an appetizer for what’s next, or the hair-rising “My Chosen God” (that features DARREL WANE’s Thiago Oliveira on guitar) and you’ll get what I’m talking about. Of course, the more ‘classic’ SORROWS PATH moments aren’t missing, with the Doom-laden “Leneh” and the eerie-melodic “Metaphysical Song” distinguishing from the rest of the tracks by the first listening.

And that’s not all; Angelos’ theatrical reading picks on “Beauty” where more Eastern-laden guitars and layers of melodies dress this piece of art (reminding me occasionally HELSTAR’s James Rivera), while SORROWS PATH aren’t afraid to walk on more simple-structured Power-infused paths with “Forgiveness” being the bright example of this. And the moment you think you’ve heard everything, my personal favorite “Revival Of Feminine Grandeur” hits the speakers and unfolds SORROWS PATH’s equally beautiful technical and rhythmic guitar work (extra kudos to George Vichos for this) through its five minutes’ course as it evolves into a mournful ‘marche funebre’, suitable for more headbanging and fist-throwing quality-time.

So, there you have it; “Touching Infinity” is not just a well-structured album with tons of hooks, catchy Doom tunes and a lyrical deep-thoughtful message that comes from every corner, but it also contains the most beautiful songs that mark SORROWS PATH’s most complete work to this date. Invest with eyes closed and... let’s touch infinity!





01. Intro To Infinity
02. Fantasies Will Never Die
03. Leneh
04. My Chosen God (feat. Thiago Oliveira)
05. Metaphysical Song
06. The Subconscious
07. Beauty
08. Forgiveness
09. Revival Of Feminine Grandeur
10. Touching Infinity


Stavros Giannakos - Bass
Angelos Ioannidis - Vocals
Fotis Mountouris - Drums
Kostas Salomidis - Guitar
George Vichos - Guitar