Atlantean Kodex - The Annihilation Of Bavaria

(CD, Ván Records, 2017)

Yet another release that will be a necessity for the collection! I'm normally not all that into live-albums but “The Annihilation Of Bavaria” caught my interest and I really wanted to hear if ATLANTEAN KODEX and team could capture the fantastic atmosphere the band’s shows have. I mean, for being a small band (sure, they pack out most venues but it's still not an arena band), the singing and cheering by the crowd for ATLANTEAN KODEX has been one of the most massive ever. The band celebrates their 10th anniversary now and one could perhaps think it would be better to focus on a new record rather than yet another live-album as this is the band's third.

And absolutely, the live-vibe is there as the sound isn't as clear as on the record. You can feel the volume in the recording and it sounds fantastic. Already in opening “From Shores Forsaken” it is spot on. Also “Pilgrim” sounds great. And then the “The White Goddess” section starts; the crowd is definitely with ATLANTEAN KODEX here as the choir is massive for “Sol Invictus”. It could perhaps have been turned up a bit in the mix as it's not very prominent. The times I've seen the band it's been much more than what the “The Annihilation Of Bavaria” live-recording presents. It gets better when the chorus comes and it sends the same shivers down my spine as it happens during the shows. The sound clears up a little a few songs in as it usually happens at shows which adds on to the live-feeling.

What I like with this recording is the things happening in between songs; like before “Twelve Stars And An Azure Gown”, there's some recording sounding like a very old-school news-broadcast. That has perhaps been there during the concerts too, even if I've never noticed it. And here, in this track, the crowd’s response is captured just as I remember it from the concerts - absolutely amazing.

The setup is good too, there are a few songs off other records starting as well as ending the show. It becomes a good build-up towards the end with Heavy Metal oriented “Kodex Battalions”, then a break with the massive epic "A Prophet In The Forest" just to wrap things up with the bands trademark track “The Atlantean Kodex”.

ATLANTEAN KODEX have done another successful live-recording with “The Annihilation Of Bavaria” - it feels live and honest and that's more than can be said about live-albums these days...





CD 1
01. From Shores Forsaken
02. Pilgrim
03. Trumpets Of Doggerland
04. Sol Invictus
05. Bilwis
06. Heresiarch

CD 2
01. Twelve Stars And An Azure Gown
02. Der Untergang Der Stadt Passau
03. Enthroned In Clouds And Fire
04. White Goddess Unveiled
05. The White Ship
06. Kodex Battalions
07. A Prophet In The Forest
08. The Atlantean Kodex


Markus Becker - Vocals
Michael Koch - Guitar
Manuel Trummer - Guitar
Florian Kreuzer - Bass
Mario Weiss - Drums