Accept - The Rise Of Chaos

Accept - The Rise Of Chaos

(CD/LP, Nuclear Blast, 2017)

This is the fourth ACCEPT LP with Mark Tornillo behind the mic and I believe there is no sane metalhead out there who still has not decided whether the “new” singer is a good fit for this long-running Heavy Metal machine. So, having the three previous albums as some sort of a precedent, one would be expecting that “The Rise Of Chaos” would pass all the quality checks of a classic Metal album and be (just) another very good but ‘expected’ release. In other words, one could accuse the Germans for writing the same music, but after a bunch of album spins, you’ll be happy to realize they don’t. Please note that you have to listen to this album more than just a quick browsing through the tracks being eager to reach a fast conclusion, because you’ll miss a lot.

Before digging deep into the album, you’ll get a hearty taste of Teutonic classic Heavy Metal with the tracklist opener “Die By The Sword” which checks all the ACCEPT characteristics; solid as hell rhythm guitars, pounding bass, gritty vocals and those oooooohs everyone is willing to sing-along in a concert setting. Yeah, this is a strong candidate for live shows with the icing on the cake being the chanting along riffs which are so Wolf-esque, and if you have been following ACCEPT, then you already know what I am talking about; and if you don’t, then you have some serious homework to do. One difference here is in Mark’s singing which I think sounds more diverse as if he was given more freedom to use his wide performing range. Check the low-register singing parts in the mid-tempo “Hole In The Head” and the ultra-high screams in the album’s title track to understand what I am trying to say here. But wait, there is more from where this stuff came from; “Koolaid” is the first serious jaw-dropping moment starting off with an amazing guitar riff before entering the story-telling part with the nice bass sound and Mark’s lower than usual and most melodic singing dealing the tragic events involving the People's Temple mass suicide. By the way (and unfortunately), the warning “don’t drink the Kool-aid” sounds creepily relevant nowadays... The way the main riff works with the guitar solo is awesome and making this song a must-have on the future setlists. “Analog Man” is another album favorite, and I should say one of the reasons for this, is the “Balls To The Wall” structure with the trademark backing vocals (especially during the bridge and after the “There's no winning, just insanity” line where I was expecting to the get the hey part, if you know what I am saying) and the granite-solid bass / drum rhythm which never fails. Despite the cheesy theme (yeah, being analog may sound like a joke, especially to all the millennials) but the lyrics have a lot to say about how disconnected we have become in these always-connected days (pun intended). And if you recognize the dial-up sounds in the end of the song, then you are indeed an analog man...

I have no idea if the addition of Uwe Lulis brought fresh ideas in the guitars, but there is some serious riffing here with lots of catchy parts and - of course - those ultra-classic chanting moments we just love to get from Wolf’s hands. Get a hearty taste from these guitar goodies in “What’s Done Is Done” (especially during the end and climaxing part of the song), in the foot-tapping “Worlds Colliding” or in the bass drum-driven “Carry The Weight” where - by the way - the vocal melodies compete against the headbanging rhythm for your listening attention...

I did not expect to get a bad album from ACCEPT having in mind how consistent the Germans have proven to be during the Tornillo era. Still, “The Rise Of Chaos” goes beyond that and, in fact, I will call this as the best ACCEPT release of this era to such an extent that can stand beside albums like “Metal Heart” and “Balls To The Wall” without shaking legs but with lots of confidence. There is a lot of becoming-classics potential among the ten tracks, so you better not leave this slip through the fast-listening cracks.

PS: The lyric line of the album: “I am an analog man, just an old school son of a bitch... in this digital hell”





01. Die By The Sword
02. Hole In The Head
03. The Rise Of Chaos
04. Koolaid
05. No Regrets
06. Analog Man
07. What's Done Is Done
08. Worlds Colliding
09. Carry The Weight
10. Race To Extinction


Mark Tornillo - Vocals
Wolf Hoffmann - Guitar
Uwe Lulis - Guitar
Peter Baltes - Bass
Christopher Williams - Drums