Extrema - The Old School

Extrema - The Old School

(EP, Private, 2016)

There are a lot of bands using the old school brand these days but when it comes to EXTREMA it is surely justified with their history starting in 1986 and over the years they has released no less than six full length albums. Still, haven’t heard of them? My first encounter with the band was when they opened for VICIOUS RUMORS a few years ago. The show was a complete smack on the face and very impressive. Musically, EXTREMA deliver a mix of old school Bay Area Thrash Metal and more modern sounding Metal. What was the most striking though was the intensity in the music while they were performing on stage.

And one thing is clear; EXTREMA manage to capture the same drive and intensity on record as they do live. This is also proven by the live-recorded version of the EP opener “Life”. And this song sets the standards right away. It’s technical but groovy without tipping over towards Groove Metal; it’s still Old School Thrash. One thing that struck me is that guitars feel a little light, but compared to most other bands using a wall of sound I think this is a relief actually. Tommy Massara is a fantastic riffer and being the only guitarist his sound and precision really come through. “Carcasses” holds the same high class as the opener but is taken up a notch in speed and brutality. The changes in speed and intensity in “Tribal Scream” work really well. I love it when rather complex rhythms can flow as smooth as they do here and on top of this the beat is great. Despite the technical riffs it is a headbanging friendly piece of music.

In comparison, “Child Abuse” isn’t probably the most accessible song on “The Old School”; it has a rather complex structure and the chorus line isn’t as striking as it is for the rest of the songs. But it surely makes that up in technicality and intensity, again the precision in the riffs are phenomenal. Last out of the real songs is “M.A.S.S.A.C.R.O.” an instrumental piece that really shows off the bands musical skills. Instrumental songs mainly containing riffs tend to be boring but not in this case. There are a lot of things going on straight through the song but it still feels like an entity.

There’s no doubt that EXTREMA have an amazing capacity to play, their performance is flawless and they have that old school sound with a modern touch. “The Old School” EP sounds fantastic, just as they did live.





01. Life
02. Carcasses
03. Tribal Scream
04. Child Abuse
05. M.A.S.S.A.C.R.O.
06. Life (live)
07. Ace Of Spades” (live) (MOTÖRHEAD cover)


GL Perotti - Vocals
Tommy Massara - Guitar
Gabri Giovanna - Bass
Francesco “Frullo” la Rosa - Drums