Satan’s Host - By The Hands Of The Devil

Satan’s Host - By The Hands Of The Devil

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(CD, Moribund Cult, 2011)

There is only one solid fact here. A Metal album featuring Harry Conklin on vocals cannot be disappointing. One of the most charismatic - if not the most impressive - American singers in the entire Metal history is again here ready to devour our ears with his multi-talented voice in this new SATAN’S HOST album. Well, Harry may be mainly known via his works with fabulous Power metallers JAG PANZER but it should be state here that SATAN’S HOST is not a project but rather is the newest album of one of the oldest US Metal bands. Let’s roll...

SATAN’S HOST was born in the mid-to-late 70s in Colorado by guitarist Patrick Evil, while Conklin (aka Leviathan Thisiren, back then) joined in after he firstly departed from JAG PANZER. Their debut “Metal From Hell” was released shortly after, offering lessons on how cult/underground occult furious Power/Speed Metal was played by non-commercial bands at the time. Pressed by a small independent label, “Metal From Hell” now is a scarce item for vinyl collectors; disbanding not more than a couple of years ago, SATAN’S HOST was reformed in the late 90s with a more evil image and music even crossing the Death/Black borders. Rare self-financed or obscure recordings added little in the old band’s fame, but it was 2010 and the awesome frontman’s return to the band’s ranks that SATAN’S HOST’s name begun circulating again.

“By The Hands Of The Devil” is the product of this reunion and I admit I was not waiting to listen again to stuff from this US act since their post-80s works did not have something exciting to offer for my taste. Well, this 2011 comeback sounds…diverse and…interesting. On one side it’s the voice of this man sending shivers down your spine plus some classic American Power Metal elements in the music reminding of the supremacy of this genre. On the other side more extreme parts - even featuring blastbeats – come to conflict with the aforementioned sector resulting in a mix that surely needs lots of spins to be personally evaluated. What surely needs to be praised is the guitars work that actually sounds as ‘Metal’ as needed in today’s bastardized music, plus the production which is thunderous and brings the eerie doomy atmosphere of the songs as forth as required.

We have VENOM, MERCYFUL FATE and JUDAS PRIEST making out with DEATH, DISSECTION and MORBID ANGEL in this album and this is not some truth distanced from the American band’s recent past. Still, with some more notable numbers, a heavier but sharp sound and the precious addition of Harry Conklin, “By The Hands Of The Devil” stands out as the next best album of this unholy quartet after their 1986 debut. It is not a helluva comeback, but it surely can please both open-minded classic metallers and flexible extreme Metal aficionados. Warning: give it a multiple evilized try...





01. By The Hands Of The Devil
02. Shades Of The Unlight
03. Demontia
04. Before The Flame
05. Bleeding Hearts Of The Damned
06. Black Hilted Knife
07. Revival
08. Fallen Angel
09. Inferior Worlds
10. Norwegian Wood (bonus track)


Harry Conklin - Vocals
Patrick Evil - Guitars
Marcus Garcia - Bass
Anthony Lopez - Drums