Myrkur - Mausoleum

Myrkur - Mausoleum

(CD/LP, Relapse, 2016)

MYRKUR’s last year’s release, “M”, proudly found its place on my top10 list as it was looking straight in the eye many Metal LPs while paying absolutely no attention to all the hatred by all these Metal elitists who believe that a Pop artist has no right to produce any other music than the one is known for. Yeah, I know, even though metalheads claim that they belong to one of the non-discriminative and open-minded groups, the truth is that they are the firsts to cast a stone, especially if a musician doesn’t follow their wants and shoulds. Leaving aside the intriguing yet insanely stupid case of hatred and in times, life threats (really?), Danish Amalie Bruun, through the mysterious and atmospheric Black Metal of MYRKUR, continues her extreme music journey under the aptly titled “Mausoleum”, presenting a live recording of seven songs from “M”, plus a BATHORY cover, with the accompaniment of the storied Norwegian Girls Choir, inside the historic Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo, Norway.

From the first tunes of the album opener “Vølvens Spådom”, you will feel the eerie, echo-ed sacredness of the venue hosting the live performance, adding an incomparable beauty to this delicate MYRKUR track that actually serves the role of introduction for the entire “Mausoleum”. The piano keys following next on “Jeg Er Guden, I Er Tjenerne” are the only intermediates between Amalie’s and the Girls Choir’s angelic voices that easily make you think you’ve just fell in Heaven and you are so grateful about it. Free from any aggressiveness and wearing the most dramatic and imposing colors, the MYRKUR tracks hit you one-by-one having a hair-rising breeze wrapped around them, while the ‘atmosphere’ volume control is up to eleven (wink, wink). This is a result that no digital effect or any other modern invention can re-produce but only a historic place where the performers live and breathe inside. You may think “where’s the Black Metal purity in this?” but I’ll stop you right there and say that no shrieking guitar, no suffocating feedback nor an artificial sound truly matters in front of an artist’s grandeur who has stripped off his / her tunes to present them into their purest form, and at the same time feels confident enough to show any weaknesses or false parts (even if on MYRKUR’s case, there are none). So, take a deep breath, crank up the volume on “Onde Børn” and feel the vibration of the acoustic guitar strings during the ethereal ‘aaaaahs’ like this is happening right in front of you - and if you think about it, a live album can be only considered successful if it travels the listener back in the time and at the place of the event. And if this wasn’t enough to give you massive goosebumps, then wait ‘till the 3-minute “Song To Hall Up High” enters the room; sure, Amalie’s vocals are way different than Quorthon’s reading, but she respectfully presents her own acoustic version of this Viking hymn, reminding us how much we miss Him.

We all know that haters will hate and continue to throw insults and make unfair comparisons to a gal who her only sin is to express herself the way it feels right. So, don’t let the hatred blind your judgment and give a chance to what I consider the live album of this decade (well, at least so far). After all, you’re better judges than them.





01. Vølvens Spådom
02. Jeg Er Guden, I Er Tjenerne
03. Skøgen Skulle Dø
04. Byssan Lull
05. Den Lille Piges Død
06. Frosne Vind
07. Onde Børn
08. Song To Hall Up High
09. Dybt I Skoven


Amalie Bruun - Vocals