Doomstress - Supernatural Kvlt Sounds

Doomstress - Supernatural Kvlt Sounds

(EP, Private, 2016)

Yeah, even though there are tons of new releases out there storming our digital music players (and world), there are still some diamonds in the rust (you got the Joan Baez / PRIEST pun, right?) waiting to be discovered and give you a couple of moments of ear-pleasure while taking away some of every day life’s cares and worries. One of these gems (that actually didn’t take me too long to find out about) is DOOMSTRESS’ EP release, with the cool and intriguing title “Supernatural Kvlt Sounds”, which contains two new tracks and two covers. I’m not a big fan of EPs since I prefer to get the whole deal right from the start, but if you think about it for awhile, this type of releases gives you the right hint, whether it’s worth your time digging deeper in a new band or not. And in the case of DOOMSTRESS, they totally passed this test with flying colors...

Doomstress Alexis is not a new gal on the block, and if you have taken all the required US Doom course, then you should know her by now from her main act PROJECT ARMAGEDDON. Also, from the same Houston, TX Doom trio hails Brandon Johnson too, so you’d better get prepared for some chunky doomed-out riffage. The EP opens the curtain with “Way Of The Mountain” (which happens to be the first lyric video released out there), creating a Doomy, cactus-infused scenery for what’s about to follow. Yup, Alexis’ caramel-y vocals and her rhythmic basslines, along with the powerful drumming and the stuck-inside-your-head riff, set the mood for some Stoner / Desert / Doom Rock pleasure right from the start. And if you think this is the best moment of this release, wait 'till you hear the occult-like Doom-y-colored “Sleep Among The Dead”; I fell in love with this song from the first spin and not just because of its chunky NWOBHM-esque riff - Alexis’ performance here feels like it’s taken from her soul’s darkest paths and really, can’t wait to experience this track live!

I totally get it why DOOMSTRESS chose these two songs to cover and testify their own version out there; URIAH HEEP’s “Rainbow Demon” has definitely a dark aura around it and Alexis’ reading makes it even more eerie and Occult-y, transforming this one into a truly Doom hymn, while the challenging version on COVEN’s “Wicked Woman” serves us a modern Satanic Stoner-like track, freed from its 1969’s psychedelia, so I’d like to give extra kudos for taking this (forgotten?) gem and giving it birth again through her golden SABBATH-esque touch.

Well, if this is a proof of what DOOMSTRESS are capable of, I can only see clear skies and auspicious winds for their next step (which hopefully will be a full length release). “Supernatural Kvlt Sounds” rocks my world lately and my only complaint is that I’d like some more, blistering and of heavy groove, original material.





01. Way Of The Mountain
02. Rainbow Demon (URIAH HEEP cover)
03. Sleep Among The Dead
04. Wicked Woman (COVEN cover)


Doomstress Alexis - Bass, Vocals
Brandon Johnson - Guitars
Tomasz Skull - Drums