Electric Citizen - Higher Time

Electric Citizen - Higher Time

(CD/LP, RidingEasy Records, 2016)

When bands like WOLFMOTHER, FU MANCHU and PENTAGRAM invite you to open for their shows, then two things probably happen: a) you’ve proved that you fully understand Rock ‘n’ Roll and this is reflected to your songwriting, and b) you already kick some serious ass. This is exactly the case with Ohio’s Doomy rockers ELECTRIC CITIZEN who have proven in action that they are a hard-working band, totally respectful of the ‘70s Heavy Rock as it’s shown through 2014’s “Sateen” and the album in question here, their sophomore “Higher Time”. Actually, I was eagerly waiting for this one to pop up, because the four-piece’s debut has left the best of impressions on me, and I was pretty curious to see the next steps ELECTRIC CITIZEN would take. “Golden Mean” that was the first tune streaming online since late February, served its purpose as an appetizer, and let me tell you, it really left me wanting for more! But let’s take first things first...

From the first notes of the album opener “Evil”, you’ll feel that these guys (and lady, of course) mean serious business, and by saying that I mean that everything sounds classy, well-written and thoughtful to the T. Sure, it’s impossible to resist headbanging to the track’s SABBATH-esque vibe, but believe me when I’m telling you that ELECTRIC CITIZEN have more in store than the multi-played recipe of the Unholy Godfathers of Doom. All you have to do is leave the needle keep sliding on this LP’s wax-y grooves and serve you the vintage ‘70s Hard Rock love on “Social Phobia” (really love the free-style, Bill Ward-type of drumming here), dance with the Devil on the whimsical refrain of “Misery Keeper” and then be sure to put on your psych-purple sunglasses on and stare at the moon in awe during the swirling intro of the album’s self-titled track. It’s really to your liking how you’ll inhale to the max this entire album – but one thing is for sure: you won’t skip a single track or get bored one split second because this lineup is in its best, delivering this Heavy Rock album that truly sounds bigger-than-life. However, I’ll have to admit that there were times while listening to “Higher Time” with eyes closed that felt like I was dealing with a better version of RUBY THE HATCHET / BLOOD CEREMONY (ok, without the flute), since I got the feeling more than once that they’ve borrowed some of their best music values and then pushed ‘em a step forward, filtered of course through Laura’s instantly recognizable, husky voice and Ross’ inspirational guitar-playing. However, tracks like “Ghost Of Me” or “Crux” bring forth a more Metal-lic and almost NWOBHM-laden character that really made my jaw drop and then put the band on a special place on my mind (and heart).

I don’t wanna draw your attention to the fact that ELECTRIC CITIZEN is ‘one more Heavy Rock band that has lots to offer to the modern vintage Rock scene’ (saw what I just did there?) and that would easily make us both (me and you, I mean) bored to death by even reading that, but wanna just say that the future for the Cincinnati rockers feels bright and beautiful, and mark me, you’re gonna find “Higher Time” in many top 10 lists in the end of this year, including mine.





01. Evil
02. Social Phobia
03. Misery Keeper
04 Devils In The Passing Time
05. Golden Mean
06. Higher Time
07. Ghost Of Me
08. Natural Law
09. Crux
10. Two Hearted Woman


Ross Dolan - Guitar
Laura Dolan - Vocals
Randy Proctor - Bass
Nate Wagner - Drums