Roxxcalibur - Lords Of The NWOBHM

Roxxcalibur - Lords Of The NWOBHM

(CD, Limb Music, 2011)

"Is this band some kind of keepers of the NWOBHM flame?" I thought back in 2009 when their “NWOBHM For Muthas” album was just some kind of one-off in-honοr project result, but it seems the German quintet is back and hungry for more. By developing a personal sound based on more clean Heavy/ Power formulas, ROXXCALIBUR take the old British Metal recipe and make old vintage originals, sounding like the respective old bands would like them to be that way today. I’ve seen the band live twice in the past too and it’s sure thing they’re killers onstage.

One very good thing is that the band gives the chance – via their cover versions – to younger fans to get to know more and more bands from the glorious classic British Metal past, bands that only made it to release one 7” single or some scarce EP/ LP in an obscure label, the same time that big names like IRON MAIDEN or SAXON were playing their own headline shows at the time. And this is the perfect time to judge on NWOBHM’s attributes: being more of an honest rebellion movement and less of a certain music style (imagine that bands like PRAYING MANTIS and VENOM are gathered altogether in the long list of NWOBHM representatives), this certain era proved to be one of the ‘truest’ ones in terms of playing music from the heart, by fans for fans and without probably realizing there’s any tomorrow in the music business; just for the sake of Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal, in other words...

ROXXCALIBUR do flirt with even more rare songs in regards to their 2009 debut. Cuts from cult bands like MORE, HOLLOW GROUND, OXYM, SPARTA and BLOOD MONEY are present here, with more household names like TOKYO BLADE, VENOM and TYGERS OF PAN TANG filling in too. What should be noted separately is the fact that ROXXCALIBUR got the license and completed an unfinished SAXON track (“Lift Up Your Eyes”), penned back in the 80s and the British legends gladly offered it to the Germans to fill it up. And what a killer tune it turned out to be...

Co-produced by the legend himself Chris Tsangarides (think of JUDAS PRIEST, ANVIL, BLACK SABBATH, THIN LIZZY, TYGERS OF PAN TANG, Y&T etc) and painted by one other legend called Rodney Matthews (has done artworks for giants like PRAYING MANTIS, MAGNUM, TYGERS OF PAN TANG, ASIA and more), “Lords Of The NWOBHM” is a descent – once again – covers collection which helps a lot for the preservation of the NWOBHM legacy. It’ll be really a success for younger Metal fans to get in touch with probably the neatest part of Metal history via this release. Thumbs up again and... we are now waiting for a next EP release (“Muthas Pride” served as such after two “Metal For Muthas” series back in the early 80s, hehe)!





01. London Bridge Is Falling Down (Intro)
02. Atomic Rock (Original by MORE – 1981)
03. Heads Will Roll (Original by SATAN - 1982)
04. Flying High (Original by HOLLOW GROUND - 1981)
05. Day To Day (Original by CRYER - 1980)
06. If Heaven Is Hell (Original by TOKYO BLADE - 1983)
07. Lift Up Your Eyes (Original part by SAXON)
08. Satan’s Serenade (Original by QUARTZ - 1980)
09. Hellbound (Original by TYGERS OF PAN TANG - 1981)
10. Music Power (Original by OXYM - 1980)
11. Angel Of Death (Original by SPARTA - 1981)
12. A Face In The Crowd (Original by SARACEN - 1981)
13. Battlescarred (Original by BLOOD MONEY - 1987)
14. Stage Fright (Original by WITCHFYNDE - 1980)
15. At War With Satan (Preview) (Original by VENOM - 1982)


Alexx Stahl - Vocals
Kalli - Guitar
Mario Long - Bass
Neudi - Drums