Savage Master - With Whips And Chains

Savage Master - With Whips And Chains

(CD, High Roller Records, 2016)

There are some things in Metal that are bound to sound great, if they are delivered with the proper respect and attitude. There is absolutely no way for riff-based songs with galloping rhythm sections to fail, even though this whole nostalgia has no place in a music scene that counts around five decades of life. Still, there is huge scene built around this concept and there are lots of festival feeding a hungry audience and I have absolutely no problem with this (I’d be crazy, if I did). SAVAGE MASTER are back with their second studio LP and are perfect to join this feeding-chain with “With Whips And Chains” that I believe is better from their debut, and let me explain why.

After the Occult-sounding intro (there's something evil in the making here...), the galloping rhythm of “Dark Light Of The Moon” kicks in carrying an extremely catchy melody. In case you don’t know it, SAVAGE MASTER is a female-fronted act by Stacey Peak who has grown as a singer getting more melody in her vocals. You see, in “Mask Of The Devil” she sounded really raw and if you want a point of reference I’d say her singing was a crude version of CIRITH UNGOL’s Tim Baker. The high-pitched harsh singing is still here but her performance seems to have expanded and hence fits better the catchy guitar melodies. You can tell the difference in the slower title track that by the way entice you to sing along the backing vocals during the fist-in-the-air chorus. SAVAGE MASTER step on epic territories (you may also use the 'True Metal' term here) with “Vengeance Of Steel” (you can never go wrong with song titles like this one) and the riff-driven “Looking For A Sacrifice” with the nice but kind of too-loud on the mix hi-hat sound. Again, the band-sings-the-backing-vocals works like a charm and I can tell you right now SAVAGE MASTER will do great on this year’s ‘Keep It True’ festival, so be sure to include them in your ‘bands-to-watch’ list.

Guitar-based Metal has hearty doses of NWOBHM and you will get your fix with “Satan’s Crown” (love the drum rolls here), with the headbanger “Black Hoover” and the album closer “Ready To Sin” that smells like JUDAS PRIEST (of the “British Steel” era) from miles away with the double-bass drumming doing most of the damage.

The recipe is well-known but a good chef (band, in this case) is needed to execute it and make it taste great. SAVAGE MASTER are doing exactly this with “With Whips And Chains” and check all the boxes in the traditional Heavy Metal list, so you know from the get-go what you’re getting. And that is tons of guitar riffs, groovy rhythm sections and not the typical cookie-cutter female vocals. This is recommended in vinyl format.





01. Call Of The Master
02. Dark Light Of The Moon
03. With Whips And Chains
04. Path Of The Necromancer
05. Vengeance Is Steel
06. Looking For A Sacrifice
07. Satan's Crown
08. Burned At The Stake
09. Black Hooves
10. Ready To Sin


Stacey Peak - Vocals
Larry Myers - Guitar
Adam Neal - Guitar
Brandon Brown - Bass
Zach Harris - Drums