Rage - My Way

Rage - My Way

(EP, Nuclear Blast, 2016)

Normally, an EP with just one new track and three re-recordings would only interest me as a collector, considering that RAGE hold a really special place in my (Metal) heart, being one totally underrated band. But “My Way” is by definition special and maybe a statement or even an explanation why RAGE overhauled the lineup by parting ways with Victor Smolski and André Hilgers. In fact, when these guys announced their decision to leave RAGE I thought that was the end of the line but Peavy did not let it go and I cannot feel nothing but excited.

So, “My Way” comes to say that RAGE is still an active band and I think the intent was to re-establish the sound by walking closer to the pre-orchestra days. Sure, the albums with Smolski are totally awesome but at the same time mark an entirely different era for RAGE that had little to do with the magnificent “Trapped!” or if you prefer the pre-“The Missing Link” days. Yes, the EP’s title track is focused on the guitars and the massive rhythm section with absolutely no orchestrations. The amazing thing is that “My Way” sounds exactly like a typical RAGE song as if nothing had changed. Ok, the guitars (especially the solo) are not Smolski – crazy but I think they make the song sound heavier with a more straightforward approach. And this is why the re-recorded version of “Black In Mind” does not sound very different from the original version. Maybe there are fewer layers but still smells RAGE from miles away, but if you are a nitpicker, then know that the recording has less vocal and guitar layers (after all, the original was written with two guitarists). “Sent By The Devil” is still an amazing song oozing energy and here the changes may be more distinct but only if you are a die-hard RAGE fan. So, the drums are one step forward on the mix, the guitars have a ‘cleaner’ sound and maybe there are few occasions where Peavy added an effect on his vocals. “Apuesto A Ganar” is the “My Way” sung in Spanish with the music staying the same and since I don’t speak the language, I cannot comment on Peavy’s pronunciation. Still, it sounds equally powerful.

Again I’d like to highlight that nitpicking the re-recordings offers absolutely nothing because the headlines read that RAGE are alive and kicking with a new lineup and a refreshed appetite to create more their characteristic German-raised Power/Thrash Metal.

“it’s my way or no way at all”





01. My Way
02. Black In Mind
03. Sent By The Devil
04. Apuesto A Ganar


Peter “Peavy” Wagner - Vocals, Bass
Vassilios “Lucky” Maniatopoulos - Drums
Marcos Rodríguez - Guitar