Uncle Acid - The Night Creeper

Uncle Acid - The Night Creeper

(CD/LP, Rise Above Records, 2015)

“The Night Creeper” marks UNCLE ACID’s fourth LP in a period of five years and this shows a truly hard-working band. On top of that, Cambridge’s mysterious psyched Doom rockers have managed to keep their music interesting and stay on the very surface of the constantly growing pile of new albums that beat the market like there’s no tomorrow. However, quantity is not equal to quality, so “The Night Creeper” is called to prove whether it’s a worthy addition to the band’s already successful backcatalogue.

With vintage thematics and flirting even more with ‘60s/ ‘70s Italian slasher films, “The Night Creeper” seems to have it all; haunting atmosphere, uber-Heavy riffage, Uncle Acid’s characteristic creaky vocals, and, most importantly, the band’s unofficial attempt to get crowned as the newborn child of the unholy BLACK SABBATH / THE BEATLES matrimony. Yep, that’s right; Kevin and the gang pulled out the big guns and wrote an album that will haunt many turntables (yes, the vinyl edition should or even better must be your first option here), filled with lots of psychedelia, ‘70s nostalgia and a cooling breeze of Proto-Metal tunes, while the songs’ BEATLES-ish structures are as simple and catchy as you can get. The opening “Waiting For Blood” may remind you of the classic UNCLE ACID style with the fuzzy sound and the super-catchy main riff, but once you dig deeper you’ll discover more SABS virtues. Of course, that’s not all; with the feeling of actually reading a copy of a fictional book, the listener is served a bunch of buzzing Doomy songs with a great jamming atmosphere (as it successfully happens towards the end of “Murder Nights”) and punishing riffs, showcasing that UNCLE ACID are high-masters of their craft. The alter ego of “Mind Crawler”, “Pusher Man”, with its druggy bed of Proto-Metal fumes pass cleverly the baton to “Yellow Moon” where you’ll find yourselves wondering what was that that just hit you. The lovely Prog instrumentation and its JETHRO TULL-esque aura will make you adore this band even more (if this is possible), minutes before “Melody Lane” kicks in and destroys everything on its path. Yes, “Melody Lane” is the most memorable, catchy and addictive song coming from UNCLE ACID that will make you headbang in no time, and even dance with top-notch hooks. And while the title-track wakes up more ‘70s SABBATH memories, “Inside” enters aggressively and throws some JEFFERSON AIRPLANE bomb (call me “White Rabbit”) in the equation and makes the entire retro venture even more electric. Till the moment the thought that you’ve listened everything comes to mind, “Slow Death” sneaks in and brings to the table exactly what its title says and melts your mind with its low-back, Blues-y attitude.

So, the verdict is plain and simple; UNCLE ACID have overpassed themselves once more and followed Banksy’s saying “think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a fucking sharp knife to it”, releasing an album that has the ingredients (in case you’re wondering these are dare and experimentation tied up with a red ribbon of respect to the Mother England’s back-to-basics) to become a ‘classic’ after few decades. Additionally, “The Night Creeper” seems to have achieved one more thing: to share the same characteristics in the ‘advantages’ and ‘disadvantages’ list at the same time. It’s a record that sounds close to ‘70s BLACK SABBATH (in fact, you can’t get anything else closer to that), and many fans may receive that as a turn-off, and/or as a lack of originality. So really, it depends on your (positive or not) way of thinking (and ear), if you’re gonna give it the appreciation it deserves.





01. Waiting For Blood
02. Murder Nights
03. Downtown
04. Pusher Man
05. Yellow Moon
06. Melody Lane
07. The Night Creeper
08. Inside
09. Slow Death
10. Black Motorcade (hidden track)


Kevin R. Starrs - Vocals, Guitar
Yotam Rubinger - Guitar, Back Vocals
Vaughn Stokes - Bass, Back Vocals
Itamar Rubinger - Drums