White Widdow - White Widdow

White Widdow - White Widdow

(CD, AOR Heaven, 2010)

I think every Hard Rock /Metal fan when reads that a band comes from Australia then, he thinks something close to the AC/DC sound. But, this is almost unfair for all those bands who are trying to make a stand in a different music genre than that created by the Aussie legends.

WHITE WIDDOW are caught in the above situation since they hail from Australia and have just released their debut album via AOR Heaven. Yep, you read correctly; we are talking about a Hard Rock band close to the 80s era and the US scene. A little research for WHITE WIDDOW (obviously the additional ‘d’ is to distinguish their name from WHITE WIDOW) will reveal that this band has in the influences list names like SURVIVOR, TREAT, DOKKEN and early BON JOVI. I think with those names I managed to caught the attention of all the AOR/Melodic Rock lovers out there who still find a way to express their feelings via this deeply emotional genre. It is also no surprise that WHITE WIDDOW will appear to this year’s ‘Firefest’ in the UK, a festival that is dedicated to this specific sound.

So, what can deliver those Aussies? The answer is very easy since there is no way for a band to fake or imitate the AOR expressional sound. You have to feel this music to be able to deliver it. I mean how can you write music from the heart if AOR is not in your heat? The keyboard melodies, the groovy rhythm guitars and on top of all the clear mid to high pitched vocals are the foundations for this music. Listening to songs like “Broken Heart Won’t Last Forever” or “Shadows Of Love” you will find yourself searching all those 80s memories. And maybe this is one of the reasons that this genre has little appeal to the younger fans since it is difficult to connect their memories with all this hard hitting tunes.

If you are an AOR/Melodic rock fan then feast your ears with WHITE WIDDOW since they are the real deal and know exactly their way around this scene. After a couple of CD spins you will find yourself tapping your foot to the rhythm of “One More Day” (killer keyboards) or sing the lyrics of the SURVIVOR inspired “Change Of Passion” and that only good news for this music!





01. Shoukai
02. Tokyo Rain
03. Broken Hearts Won't Last Forever
04. We've Got The Wings
05. Cross To Bare
06. Don't Fail Me
07. Spirit Of Fire
08. Shadows Of Love
09. One More Day
10. Change Of Passion
11. Fire & Ice


Trixxi Trash - Bass
Xavier Mephisto - Keyboard
Jim - Drums
Enzo Almanzi - Guitar
Julez Mephisto - Vocals