Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy - Navaz

(CD, Season Of Mist, 2011)

Sometimes words cannot describe music can; especially when there is the language barrier, music and emotion can be expressed through the way the lyrics are sung comes and help the listener to overcome that obstacle. But not all bands can do that like SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY which not only have the power to bridge the language gap -lyrics of “Navaz” are in Slavic- but literally destroy the aforementioned barrier.

Sixth album, fifth full length and I listen to this band for the first time; I love folk Metal, having a great knowledge on the subject, and I admit as a personal failure not to have known them before. From the very first song one understands that this album will not be an easy one to listen to; it fills you with emotions, passion, it lifts you up and throws you down in an instant.  After the first song you overcome the inability to understand the songs and through a magical connection of words and music you start to understand what each song is about. Images fill your mind and emotions overwhelm your soul.

The female vocals are a chariot of wolves and the second male vocals your barding that drive you on the musical paths. And then there is the violin, simple immaculate that binds so perfectly with the heavy sounds of the guitars and drums reminding me of early SKYCLAD, absolutely amazing. The folk profile is perfect while the Metal part is also powerful; both guitars pound your head with intense riffs that shred your chest to reveal your bones, they envy the power of the violin and the divine vocals with intense anger every time are given the chance to unleash a Metal storm.

I think it’s a perfect album for all folk Metal fans and I believe that such a good music and such an excellent production and conception should not be missed. I know that language is a barrier and sometimes the harsh Slavic singing might not be easy to the ear but there is no such thing in “Navaz”; I hope that many will enjoy it as did I because it is really worth it.





01. Mokoš
02. Zlatohlav
03. Skryj Hlavu Do Dlaní
04. Přísahám
05. Slava
06. Sudice
07. Dva Stíny Mám
08. Pramen, Co Ví
09. Samodiva


Pavel Hrncir - Vocals
Hanka Nogolova - Vocals
Michal Sykora - Violoncello
Petra Novackova - Violin
Radek Hajda - Guitar
Mirek Petrek - Guitar
Dusan Fojtasek - Bass
David Najbrt - Drums