Legion Of The Damned - Descent Into Chaos

(CD/LP, Massacre Records, 2011)

For all the Metal-pedia freaks out there the name of LEGION OF THE DAMNED would raise the red flag connecting them to the 80s band OCCULT. For those who really don’t care about Metal history then “Descent Into Chaos” is the Dutch band’s fifth full length release walking exactly on the path of the previous albums.

The thing I really like with LEGION OF THE DAMNED is the solid sound they deliver when they are on stage. You can literally feel the massive volume of their sound that has strong Thrash Metal foundations mainly influenced by the German bands like DESTRUCTION and the early KREATOR. With “Descent In Chaos” LEGION OF THE DAMNED break no new grounds and continue on the “Cult Of The Dead” in-your-face sound. The guitars are in the frontline with groovy riffs and fast leads, while Maurice tortures his vocal chords with his Black/Death fine blend. You have to listen to the ton heavy tempo of “Shrapnel Rain” to get the feeling of LEGION OF THE DAMNED music. The songs are guitar driven with a granite solid rhythm section, killer drum work and excellent SLAYER-esque bass guitar sound.

The album could easily be characterized with the old school Speed/Thrash label if only there were some guitar solos. The Dutch band has left aside the solos in an attempt to focus on the energy and power of the music that goes hand in hand with the live performances. Ok, this makes the songs look alike each other but then again no one can claim that LEGION OF THE DAMNED will re-discovered the wheel (here the wheel is the Thrash sound) with “Descent Into Chaos”.

If you like snapping your neck with cutting edge riffs and fast rhythms then this album, with the killer sound from Peter Tägtgren’s Abyss Studios, is for you. LEGION OF THE DAMNED sound fresh and are ready to storm the stages with their dominating performances. The bonus track is the re-recorded version of “Legion Of The Damned” from the band’s debut album, featuring Peter Tägtgren and his trademark growling voice.

PS: The intro “Descent Into Chaos” could easily be the audio introductory of METAL KAOZ, don’t you think?






01. Descent Into Chaos
02. Night Of The Sabbath
03. War Is In My Blood
04. Shrapnel Rain
05. Holy Blood, Holy War
06. Killzone
07. Lord Of The Flies
08. Desolation Empire
09. The Hand Of Darkness
10. Repossessed
11. Legion Of The Damned (bonus)



Maurice Swinkels - Vocals
Richard Ebisch - Guitar
Harold Gielen - Bass
Erik Fleuren - Drums