Ufo - A Conspiracy Of Stars

Ufo - A Conspiracy Of Stars

(CD/LP, SPV/Steamhammer, 2015)

A band like UFO needs no introduction because it has been around for some more than 40 years and the classic albums of the Michael Schenker era still haunt ambitious musicians (and guitarists, especially) who want to see and hear how British Hard Rock music is performed. Some may say that the band is running its second youth with virtuoso Vinnie Moore in the camp and that’s not a mistake by any means.

“A Conspiracy Of Stars” came to me as a sweet little surprise... again. The album is full of mid-tempo rockers you can rely on when it comes to full entertainment, to say the least. Omitting the fact that I’d like some faster stuff here and there, the album delivers at ease while the songwriting is very good and fits the fan’s needs and really there’s nothing special to comment on the band’s performance. The vocals of Phil Mogg are just like good ol’ wine and the rest of the players deliver the goods as if there’s no tomorrow. A pinch of an old Blue Rock charisma is also seen in some songs or songparts and the result is an album that won’t disappoint the UFO devotee. The performance of Vinnie Moore is again phenomenal with solos and  licks in particular being awesome. Again, I’d wish there were a couple of faster songs in the tracklist but, hey, we can’t have anything.

With this CD (out on vinyl too, for the vintage format lovers) the band from the UK screams it’s still around to offer us some 45-50 minutes of pure hardhittin’ Rock music that’s not retro at all; and that’s no little news. I think that’s only a few rockers around the globe are not familiar with the UFO deeds and those should start by checking out the 1974-1978 classic period but that does not mean that “A Conspiracy Of Stars” is not worth your attention.





01. The Killing Kind
02. Run Boy Run
03. Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun
04. Sugar Cane
05. Devil’s In The Detail
06. Precious Cargo
07. The Real Deal
08. One And Only
09. Messiah Of Love
10. Rollin’ Rollin’


Phil Mogg - Vocals
Vinnie Moore - Lead Guitar
Paul Raymond - Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Rob De Luca - Bass
Andy Parker - Drums