The Deep - Premonition

The Deep - Premonition

(CD, Private, 2015)

There is absolutely no way to miss an album with a description combining these words: NWOBHM and UK. In case you have been living under a grass-covered rock, the letter ‘B’ in the famous acronym stands for ‘British’, so getting an album with such credentials is a must-listen. I know many think that lately the UK has little to do with anything Metal but at the same time no one can disagree that the NWBOHM DNA strand is still active. Just look at the success of some small-scale festivals attracting the cream of the NWOBHM-crop and I will throw UK's ‘Brofest’ as a fine example. In the case of THE DEEP, things couldn’t get better since only the name is young - you see, the songs and the roots of this brand come from the '80s; yeah, “Premonition” holds some killer tracks and lots of nostalgia of an era that although belongs to the past, has kept the embers burning.

“The Rider” storms the door with an awesome guitar riff that will wake some good IRON MAIDEN memories (when the band was creating music and not beers) and then let the powerful vocals knock your socks off. Yeah, Coldham sings the most melodic lines with an impressive range without holding back the power the NWOBHM requires for maximum pleasure. You don’t need to have a PhD in music to understand that this band is no group of amateurs aiming just to recreate the magic of the '80s but are the real thing bringing along high-quality music, and I urge you to listen closely to the awesome break and the absolutely catchy vocal melodies as they lead to the headbanging break. “You Make My Breath Away” is a hit-to-be starting off with more lead guitar action and then a sing-along chorus that is so sweet for a Friday’s night Rock club invasion with lots of beer pints involved. The backing vocals during the chorus along with the driving rhythm can be the main topic of a seminar entitled ‘NWOBHM 101’ so you better start keeping notes. And then, there is some nice MOTÖRHEAD guitar action in “Nightstalker” that soon enough throws some Hard Rock grooves in the bridge/chorus for more sing-along pleasure that keeps the party mood going.

In full disclosure, I have to admit I had no prior knowledge about this band, so I approached this promo solely based on the music label and THE DEEP’s British heritage. After several album spins, I just had to do some research because there was no way for a freshly-formed band to write such high quality songs. Sure, there are youngsters in Metal who can destroy all the age-related clichés, but still, “Premonition” raises many red flags that there is some serious Metal education involved and I will call the SAXON-esque “All I Want” as my number one witness for my defense. Yeah, the basslines, the pounding drums and the foot-tapping rhythm guide the listener to another awesome chorus, letting the vocals do the rest, while you’ll get some Hard Rock goosebumps with the fist-pumping “Out Of Touch” (love the high-hat sound) and its fat rhythm guitars.

There is nothing to not like in “Premonition” and, in fact, it would be a total loss if you didn’t - at least - check it out. I spent more listening-time than it would be enough to form a solid opinion about this album but I am sure there will be more because there is no way to let go of the addictive tunes of “Spellbound”, the fast guitar leads of the title track and the dipped-in-nostalgia “Turn Me Loose” with the badass riff break (just before the solo). And yes, I like this album so much that I am praying to the NWOBHM gods that “Premonition” will get the vinyl treatment since there is no other proper way to listen to good music.





01. The Rider
02. You Take My Breath Away
03. Nightstalker
04. Cold Hearted
05. All I Want
06. Out Of Touch
07. Premonition
08. Spellbound
09. Saga
10. Turn Me Loose


Tony Coldham - Vocals
Paul Smith - Guitar
Mick Feleppa - Guitar
Don Whiberley - Bass
Steve Kingsley - Drums