Those Furious Flames - Oniricon

Those Furious Flames - Oniricon

(CD, Sliptrick Records, 2014)

Of course and Metal has its own GPS and one can pretty much predict an album’s musical ID just by reading the band’s point of origin. Still, there are cases where this rule is broken like in the case of THOSE FURIOUS FLAMES who I’d bet a good chunk of money that they were from Sweden. Yeah, their latest LP “Oniricon” carries the sweet Hard Rock nostalgia we usually get from that part of Scandinavia. Anyway, music is all that matters and not what one’s passport says, right?

Since I don’t want to leave you hanging I’ll reveal from the start that THOSE FURIOUS FLAMES come from Switzerland so my initial guess was not that educated after all. Even though “Oniricon” is the band’s second LP, it showcases a confident and mature songwriting hand backed up by a natural sound hinting that there was some analog work done during the recordings. The song-structures are simple and are based in a couple of up-tempo chords, solid bass-lines and tons of sing-along vocal melodies. Yeah, “Too Late” carries all these elements getting your party-mood going with a pinch of 70s psychedelia from the subtle yet most effective keyboard finishing touches. Just pay attention how the bass and the keyboards step in and fill the gap during the solo simply because there is no rhythm guitar; awesome. If you know this type of Hard Rock then the WOLFMOTHER influences shouldn’t come as a surprise especially if you consider that “Oniricon” was produced by the aforementioned band’s bassist Ian Peres. By the way Ian does a guest appearance in “Astronomical” where the echo effect and the oooooo backing vocals smell vintage from thousand miles. How sweet does the bass sound during the piano-like keyboard melodies? Still, the sweetest spot on this track is the guitar solo where drums steal some of the limelight with awesome high-hat and mood-setting drum-kick action. The fast tempo of “The Reason Why” (pay attention to the tambourine sounds) along with foot-tapping “Volcano” are meant to be crowd-pleasers in live shows (yeah, the backing ooooooohs help a lot) while the nine minutes of “The Cosmic Secret” drop the album’s curtain on a high note. Sure, the four-minute rockers are the easy picks from the “Oniricon” tracklist but still, this two-part song with the space-y keyboards phrases uses the entire 70s Hard Rock spectrum before accelerating the tempo reaching a drum-driven climax and awesome (again) guitar solo. Despite this is the longest track of the album it flows equally smooth and fast as the rest of the fast rockers do so this is an indication of what THOSE FURIOUS FLAMES can produce in the not so distant future.

Really, “Oniricon” has no weak moments and it’s Hard Rock fun from start to finish. Like I said the song-structures are simple something that really enhances the vintage atmosphere (sometimes in music the simpler the better) and at the same time has enough action in the rhythm section (keyboards and bass) to require additional spins for maximum delight. Now, I am really curious to see how THOSE FURIOUS FLAMES will progress in their next album but let’s get first things first, right?





01. Too Late
02. Futureman
03. Astronomical (ft. Ian Peres)
04. Jane
05. The Reason Why
06. Chemistry
07. The Lost Wonder
08. Volcano
09. Break Me Down
10. The Cosmic Secret
Part I: The End
Part II: A New Beginning


Yari Copt - Lead Vocals
G.B. - Bass
Yann Nick - Guitar
Big Boss - Drums