Kalapacs - Enigma

Kalapacs - Enigma

(CD, Hammer Records, 2015)

Every country has its local heroes when it comes to traditional Heavy Metal music and I’m talking about those with a relatively minimum offering to the global Metal scene; one such country is Hungary. POKOLGÉP, OMEN and OSSIAN are bands that stand together as godfathers of the Hungarian Metal style. All of them in one way or another have helped in the formation of KALAPÁCS with - of course - singer Jozsef Kalapacs being the connecting link between them. “Enigma” is their new LP.

I do not know if you will get annoyed by the use of the band’s native language but personally I did not mind at all. Kalapacs has a special way of singing, he does not shout and he’s quite passionate at what he does. As far as the music as goes, there’s not much to be said; the style is classic Heavy Metal – not that speedy, I should add - with interesting riffs and some quite melodic soloing going on. JUDAS PRIEST,  ACCEPT or SCORPIONS are some names that popped up to mind while listening to the new album but KALAPÁCS have been running for 20 years now and have somehow sculptured their own style and personality too. Headbanging is a necessity in some tracks, while sing-along chorus parts are somehow present resulting in a good party theme, if you can understand the language of course.

“Enigma” is not the best KALAPÁCS album I’ve listened from the band’s entire career (I’ve not listened to them all, anyway; they have a dozen out there as we speak), but it’s fun to listen and have a nice time. The band from Budapest has done it again and I think that Jozsef Kalapacs must be already proud of what he has accomplished for three decades now in his country’s Metal scene.





01. Az Ördög Visz El
02. Enigma
03. Várlak Téged
04. Adj Valamit
05. Zuhanni Kell
06. Özönvíz
07. A Játék, Ha Véget Ér
08. Kötéltánc
09. Elhagyott Rock And Roll
10. Fájjon, Hogy Érezz
11. Verseny
12. Búcsú Helyett


Beloberk István - Bass
Beloberk Zsolt - Drums
Kalapács József - Vocals
Sárközi Lajos - Guitar
Weisz László - Guitar