Sorrows Path - Doom Philosophy

(CD, Iron Shield Records, 2014)

There are still bands in nowadays’ chaotic Metal scene bearing a distinct and characteristic sound, being the product of hard work and (of course) devotion in what they do. One of these special cases is Greek Prog doomsters SORROWS PATH, and “Doom Philosophy” is their sophomore LP that comes with two significant guest appearances by the Metal legends Edgar Rivera (ex-SOLITUDE AETURNUS) and Snowy Shaw (ex-MEMENTO MORI, ex-DREAM EVIL, ex-KING DIAMOND, ex-ILLWILL, MAD ARCHITECT and this list could go on forever...). So, allow me to explain why “Doom Philosophy” is a cogitative and epic work with a title that best describes its musical content.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that SORROWS PATH have already created a unique sound combining the pure virtues of Prog and the epicness of Doom Metal, and this is showcased in every tune and every vocal melody of “Doom Philosophy”. From the very first musical notes of “First Beam Of Darkness Into Light” and its sinister theme, till the moment the following “Tragedy” bursts out with fury, you’ll feel SORROWS PATH’s powerful Doom melancholy running through your veins while Angelos is spitting the lyrics with bitterness and despair. Adding to this the lethal combination of the whimsical bass and the SP guitars in the refrain, and you'll find out what makes this track a classic one that is also blessed by the Doom guitar master Edgar Rivera’s magic finger-work. Sure, “A Dance With The Dead” may bring to mind some dusty memories of SAVIOUR MACHINE’s “I”, but this is a really atmospheric and dark track, being yet again topped off by Angelos’ vocals and Kostas’ / Giannis’ guitar work, breathing the band’s influences in any given chance. And if you ‘re thinking that Mr. Yalamas’ production has done justice to the SP sound, wait till you hear “Brother Of Life” (btw, this is my favorite track of the album) to feel this band’s gloom and Doom creeping up your spine.

I am sure whoever is not familiar with this band will first check “Everything Can Change” and this is not a bad thing at all because this one has in abundance all of SORROWS PATH’s high qualities and, of course, the guest appearance of Mr. Shaw. His magic gives quite an obscure character to this track and even though it feels like he wrote this track, the overall feeling suits like hand-in-glove to Kostas’ guitar work and Angelos’ vocals. And please, make a mind note to enjoy “The Venus And The Moon” and “Darkness” at the highest volume to experience firsthand the characteristic SORROWS PATH sound I was talking about. These two tracks are the most suitable ambassador for the band’s sound, if you are a rookie to the Greeks’ musical whereabouts.

Since its release, I have revisited many times “Doom Philosophy” with every listening being a very rewarding experience. I will repeat myself and say this album is a product of hard work, love and devotion for Doom Metal, so if you consider yourself a true doomster, support, support, support!!!





01. First Beam Of Darkness Into Light
02. Tragedy
03. A Dance With The Dead
04. Brother Of Life
05. Everything Can Change
06. The King With A Crown Of Thorns
07. The Venus And The Moon
08. Epoasis
09. Clouds Inside Me
10. Darkness
11. Damned (O)fish-L.S.D.


Stavros Giannakos - Bass
Angelos Ioannidis - Vocals
Fotis Mountouris - Drums
Kostas Salomidis - Guitar
Giannis Tziligkakis - Guitar