Sodom - Sacred Warpath

(EP, Steamhammer/SPV, 2014)

SODOM is one of those bands which you know and trust to deliver the Metal goods no matter what. I mean, would you expect to see the Germans playing Hard Rock or even Heavy Metal? No, Thrash will always be the direction (even though this band started as a Black Metal outfit) and every album has the German seal of guarantee that means relentless headbanging and fast riffs. Of course, I should add to this Tom’s characteristic way of singing/screaming that in some extent has strong bonds with bands like VENOM and MOTÖRHEAD, and feel free to blame the bass for the latter reference. SODOM are currently working on a new LP, so “Sacred Warpath” is a small appetizer for this that will also be released as 10” vinyl with a really cool and old-school cover artwork. Interested?

Well, if you have been following SODOM, you should be, because this vinyl EPs/singles can be small pieces of art. But we are living on digital days, so may I should talk about the musical content of this EP and leave on the side the geezer talks? “Sacred Warpath” is the only new song and, in fact, will be in the tracklist of the upcoming SODOM LP, and I will say right away that I hope it is also indicative of what Tom and his Co. are working on. You see, there is an old-school aura in this powerful track wrapped around the echo effect on the vocals that sometimes comes as screaming, bringing all those raw flavors SODOM used to deliver in such abundance (I am talking about the pre-“Agent Orange” days). I shouldn’t forget the crashing rhythm section (bass and drums included) that once again pay the proper respect to the German Thrash roots. If this is the direction SODOM are heading, then the LP will be a Thrash blast from the past, so keep your fingers crossed. The rest of the four-piece tracklist are live recordings and I cannot but to comment on how “The Saw Is The Law” gets introduced with an excerpt of a SODOM-ized (no pun intended) version of THE TRASHMEN’s super hit “Surfin’ Bird”... yeah, it’s really cool listening Tom talking about the bird... Seriously, don’t you get shivers down your spine when he growls “The saaaawww...” and I am sure if you have seen SODOM live you know what I am talking about. Anyway, both “Stigmatized” and “City Of God” sound awesome, especially the first one that is perfect for mosh-pitting and other violent activities.

Like I said, I hope the new song is representative of what SODOM have in store for us, so now I'm pumped up for the upcoming LP. Still, getting special editions on vinyl is always enticing, so brace yourself since there will be only 1000 copies - you’ve been warned.





01. Sacred Warpath
02. The Saw Is The Law (live)
03. Stigmatized (live)
04. City Of God (live)


Tom Angelripper - Bass, Vocals
Bernemann - Guitar
Makka - Drums