Ten - Albion

Ten - Albion

(CD, Rocktopia/Cargo Records, 2014)

The first three TEN albums belong to my all-time favorite releases in the melodic Rock field. Be it the fabulous songwriting or the persuasive warm vocals of Gary Hughes, it’s the magic of “Ten” and “The Name Of The Rose” and “The Robe” that helped the band to gain the respect of Press and fans. Well, it’s been two decades since this period, and TEN are still going strong with a serious alteration in their musical image of course, and you’re the only judge in order to conclude if the band still fits your taste.

“Albion” is the first release for the newly found Rocktopia Records and if you liked the band’s previous album “Heresy And Creed” then you’ll probably find enough good moments in this new CD. The style is pompous melodic Rock with a strong symphonic attitude and the songs are of long in time duration with a little complexity in the songwriting. As you can see, the band features seven (!) members with three guitarists, and this leads to the conclusion that there are enough layers of music backing the velvet voice of Hughes. Still, there’s no single in-your-face melodic track to cut your teeth into, hence the whole album is a little bit difficult to digest from the first time it'll spin inside your stereo, and this is possibly a disadvantage. The first single, “Die For Me”, may be a good teaser but does not save the day...

All songs are recognizable as TEN releases, so fans of the band won’t have a tough time to absorb this recording. After all, the band has been around for almost two decades, so a personal sound and style has been built and that’s no little news. Still, and generally speaking, I would not say that “Albion” is something more than a ‘just good’ release. I find myself having expected more from this British outfit in its three latest albums and this 2014 CD is no exception to the rule.





01. Alone In The Dark Tonight
02. Battlefield
03. It’s Alive
04. Albion Born
05. Sometimes Love Takes The Long Way Home
06. A Smuggler’s Tale
07. It Ends This Day
08. Die For Me
09. Gioco D’Amoure
10. Wild Horses


Gary Hughes - Vocals, Guitar, Programming
Dann Rosingana - Guitar
Steve Grocott - Guitar
John Halliwell - Guitar
Steve Mckenna - Bass
Darrel Treece-Birch - Keyboards
Max Yates - Drums, Percussion