Powerlord - The Awakening

Powerlord - The Awakening

(CD, Shadow Kingdom Records, 2014)

POWERLORD’s music reminds me of what Metal was once famous for: malice and dangerousness. This 1986 obscure vinyl release is now remastered and re-released by the guys at Shadow Kingdom Records and I have to admit this is a great opportunity to listen again to the magic lurking in the grooves of this album. POWERLORD released this short album in the mid-80s and quickly fell into obscurity, but...

...this does not mean “The Awakening” is not worth your attention; the LP is full of Power/Speed Metal anthems with a ‘thrashy’ edge that will make you bang your heads from the very beginning to the final end. All six songs are malicious and sound as if there’s no tomorrow, while the vocals are screaming and dangerous at all cost. The guitars blaze fire and the solos are sharp and volatile. The bass/drums lines are pounding hard with temper and hot blood and all these result to a total of 30 minutes of unpredictable – for that era – doze of Metal from the vaults that shall leave no one uninterested. Unfortunately, there are no bonus tracks here or some kind of bonus goodies anyway, but the music itself serves the best you could possibly wish for. It’s a shame this band never got the chance to record something else in order to have its name raised in popularity, while at the same moment tons of other bands grabbed their piece of the Metal pie.

Fans of early SLAYER, SAVAGE GRACE or S.A. SLAYER will adore this disc, rest assured. “The Awakening” is a molten piece of unforgettable Metal music that shall bring glad memories to older fans, plus it shall positively shock newer followers of the traditional US Metal wave, for it is a treacherous and a violent part of the Metal pack that once threatened the masses.





01. Masters Of Death
02. Malice
03. Silent Terror
04. The Invasion Of The Lords
05. Merciless Titans
06. (The Awakening) Powerlord


Dane Cook - Vocals
Tony Gourley - Guitars
Brian Massey - Bass
Bob Gourley - Drums